Who are the best Sword Art Online characters?

The year is 2022, and you imagine yourself entering a virtual reality game using the Nerve Gear. If you pictured that clearly, you must be a Sword Art Online fan! This light-novel-cum-anime has been on top of the isekai genre and hasn't looked back since 2013. Check out this list to see the best Sword Art Online characters we can think of and see if your favorite makes the cut.

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    Who doesn't like Kirito? After all, he is the main protagonist of Sword Art Online and he beat the final boss to cap it all off. He is Kirigaya Kazuto in real life and he proved to be no ordinary beta tester that wears all-black clothing as he willed his way to victory in a lot of instances while inside the famous VRMMORPG, even joining the Moonlit Black Cats and Knights of the Blood in the process.

    • Judy GrahamWritten on November 7, 2019
      "He is too OP! He was not perfect character let's admit it. He didn't even get to save everyone but he is a good guy and he never gave up. Sword Art Online just ain't gonna be on top without him."
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    Asuna Yuuki

    Asuna Yuuki is more than just an unassumingly pretty, chestnut-color haired girl trapped inside a video game. There's also more to her than being Kirito's lover. As the main heroine of Sword Art Online, she is the Knights of the Blood Oath sub-leader and is also known to be the Berserk Healer because of her habits of charging into battle despite the passive nature of healers. 

    • Zhou LaiWritten on November 7, 2019
      "She's just too pretty and too bad-ass not to be loved. One of the best Sword Art Online characters that you will really get to love. I've watched the dubbed version and her "you dummy" line is so fun LOL"
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    You may argue all you want but you can't deny that Asada Shino is one of the nest characters that Sword Art Online has produced. If jumping off buildings on one leg and shooting people on their heads isn't impressive enough, let it be known that Sinon is also capable of hitting targets two hundred meters away with a bow that was made to shoot at a maximum distance of one hundred meters. Not bad for a girl who used to have gun traumas.

    • Xu DingWritten on November 7, 2019
      "She is probably next to Kirito when it comes to character rank I think and she's even a better character than Asuna imho. What would Sword Art Online look like without her skills?"
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    Heathcliff (Kayaba Akihiko in real life) is known as a character whose avatar did not match his real-life appearance as the game made him appear with a muscular physique that he didn't have outside the premises of virtual reality. What makes him more amazing is that he was the mastermind behind all things that happened, all thanks to his sinister imagination that produced the famed VRMMO.

    • Liu DuWritten on November 7, 2019
      "I like Heathcliff really. He can wipe everyone off quite easily as leader of the Knights of the Blood but he has been pretty chill/. Love it!"
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    Yui may not be real, but her actions make her seem like she is indeed human. Saving Kirito and Asuna might be her biggest feat known to the series' fans as she was soon after deleted. The heart she displayed despite being restrained by the game, for the most part, makes her one of the best Sword Art Online characters ever created.

    • Virginia DavisWritten on November 7, 2019
      "She is the only character in Sword Art Online that made me cry honestly. I feel like I connected to her"
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    Konno Yuuki

    Konno Yuuki doesn't appear to be the most dangerous character in the whole Sword Art Online series but she has a very interesting backstory because of her terminal illness. Even with her physical limitations, she went on to become one of the founders and eventually, the leader of the Sleeping Knights Guild. And yes, she also beat Kirito once on a street duel.

    • Marcos GonzálezWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Some find her boring but who cares? She is so pretty and her development has been better than Kirito tbh"
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    Known for his red bandana and spiky reddish hair, Klein has mastered battling using his katana as well as the art of being loyal to his friends to survive the Death game. He is one of the most human-like characters in the series and his friendship and loyalty to Kirito is proof of that.

    • Song ZhouWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Just look at that outfit! Loving this character more and more. So glad that I've watched Sword Art Online"
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    She's one of the more lovable and cheerful characters in the series which led to her fame but do not be fooled by that just yet. This dagger-wielding beast tamer has accomplished a lot while inside the game. However, she will always be remembered as the first player to have tamed a dragon. 

    • Sharon LiWritten on November 7, 2019
      "Silica is just like me!! She just simple yet one of the still active players. I love Pina too btw"


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