Who are the best video game villains?

No matter how much we try to hate the villains, admit it, games would be really boring without them! Right, we always play the powerful and heroic characters, but there is always that evil-doer who loves to play the villain! Let's get to know the legendary villains by hopping over to our top picks!

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    GLaDOS is the main antagonist in the Portal video game series. She is an artificially intelligent computer system who guides the players through her voice. GLaDOS is voiced by Ellen McLain. This game character has received multiple awards.

    • Rodrigo RochaWritten on September 3, 2019
      "voiced by a woman, this AI villain possesses the quality of an unpredictable villain where you have no idea that her intention is bad because she appears good. Anyway, all I can say is you better check Portal so you get to see what I'm talking about"
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    Bowser, also known as King Koopa, is the main antagonist of the Mario franchise. He is the king of the turtle-like race known as the Koopas, and is distinguishable by his spiked shell, accessories, claws, and horns on his head.

    • Jessica JiangWritten on September 3, 2019
      "You've missed your childhood if you didnt know bowser aka king koopa! Although he doesn't appear as evil as other villains who act so violently, koopa is still the best video game villain for me because I still remember my childhood days when I cry whenever I can't save the princess as I play Mario.... Ohhh I just miss playing this game and every part of ittt"
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    Ganondorf is the primary antagonist of the majority of The Legend of Zelda games. Gifted with powerful magic, Ganondorf often seeks the omnipotent Triforce to grant his wish of conquering the entire world.

    • Joe HolmesWritten on September 3, 2019
      "So the reason why the legend of zelda series gets sooo challenging is the fact that Ganondorf is so hardd to kill. I mean he's already very powerful but he still wants more and he never stops, and for me he's one of the best video game villains ever!"
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    The Joker

    The Joker is a serial killer and a supervillain who dresses like a clown and commits violent crimes. He is a brilliant and ruthless criminal mastermind. His crimes are motivated by his sadistic desire to show people the meaninglessness of life through pain and death.

    • Emma McDonaldWritten on September 3, 2019
      "Pretty sure that a lot of us are familiar with joker even before he became a video game villain. Ofcourse there is that DC comics where he actually came from originally. But honestly I'm not really a fan of the comics. I only got to know Joker even more when I saw my brother playing Batman: Arkham City. Everytime I get a chance to watch him play, I always think that Joker is such a cool and great video game villain..."
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    Vaas Montenegro

    Vaas Montenegro appears in the video game, Far Cry 3 as the secondary antagonist. This fictional character also appears as a mentally unstable villain in the game. This character is voiced by actor Michael Mando.

    • Scott BakerWritten on September 3, 2019
      "His insanity fits his role as an antagonist in Far Cry 3. But for me there are still a lot of better villains than Vaas Montenegro, maybe dracula or darth vader, idk..."
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    Albert Wesker

    Albert Wesker is one of the characters in the video game, Resident Evil by Capcom. He possesses superhuman strength and powers, but he is still power-hungry. He is one of the primary antagonists in the Resident Evil series.

    • Huang ShiWritten on September 3, 2019
      "What I like the most about Wesker is his brilliant mind. He's not an ordinary villain, and he's not very easy to beat coz he is very very strong! Resident Evil is my favourite video game because of wesker, the game is thrilling!!"
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    Sephiroth is the main antagonist in Square's Final Fantasy VII. This fictional character from a role-playing video game is known for being a master of sword combat. He is also present in other Square video games such as in Kingdom Hearts series.

    • Larry MendezWritten on September 3, 2019
      "His sword's so deadly that's why Sephiroth is sorta a scary villain one can encounter when playing FF VII. Definitely the best video game villain of all time!!! :D"
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    Handsome Jack

    Handsome Jack is a fictional character who appears in Gearbox Software's Borderlands video game. He is the main antagonist in Borderlands 2, and he also appears in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel! and Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands.

    • Phillip WalshWritten on September 4, 2019
      "I got to know Handsome Jack when I started playing Borderlands 2. and he's pretty evil when it comes to the best video game villains of all time, considering he thinks he's a hero himself 🤣🤣🤣"


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4The JokerCharacters 6 Paid
5Vaas MontenegroCharacters 5 Free
6Albert WeskerCharacters 4 Free
7SephirothCharacters 3 Free
8Handsome JackCharacters 2 Free

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