Who are the best villains that could appear in Marvel’s She-Hulk series?

Sometimes, the most unexpected things happen to us that completely turns our world upside down. You may have not experienced such thing but for lawyer Jennifer Walters, getting a necessary blood transfusion from her cousin changed her life. Lucky her (or unlucky, I’m not so sure about this), her cousin is none other than Dr. Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. Now if you remember, Banner’s blood is contaminated with gamma rays, making it possible for him to transform into the ever-angry green monster with superhuman strength. If you put two and two together, you’ll realize that yes, Jennifer Walters eventually becomes She-Hulk. Being a lawyer with great morale, Jen’s newly acquired superpowers help her in serving justice.

Her story will soon hit the small screen as it has been confirmed that Marvel’s She-Hulk is streaming soon on Disney+. While we patiently wait for her on-screen debut, why not take a look at the villains she could be fighting in her brand new series. After all, a great protagonist needs a great antagonist to keep the show running. Just like any other superhero, She-Hulk’s list of nemesis is quite long. It makes us wonder who would make the final cut and be part of the TV series that would air soon. If you’re curious too, stick around because we’ve scrutinized all her enemies to come up with a list of the best villains that could appear in Marvel’s She-Hulk series. Actually, you don’t need to wait much longer, the list that I’m talking about is just right below. Check it out and tell us what you think about it. 

  1. 1Titania


    Being the main character’s greatest enemy, Titania is definitely going to appear in Marvel’s She-Hulk series. Before she became the villain that she is, Mary MacPherran dreamt of becoming a superhero. Her dream led her to sprout lies about being Spider-Woman which was eventually debunked. Tormented by her peers, Mary turned to the dark side with Doctor Doom’s help.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Behemoth


    A businessman who went bankrupt for his questionable life choices, Manfred Haller holds a personal vendetta against She-Hulk and Tony Stark. This revenge seeker transformed into a new being, a humanoid elephant called Behemoth, aka Man-Elephant. His deep resentment towards the heroine makes him a good candidate for the top villains that could appear in Marvel’s She-Hulk series.

  2. 3Ultima


    One of the first few enemies our heroine has defeated, Ultima is most likely to appear in Marvel’s She-Hulk series. A daughter of the cult leader, The Word, Ultima has trained since she was young. Her rift with She-Hulk actually stems from jealousy over Randolph Harrison. I know, love makes people go nuts.

  1. 4Absorbing Man


    Rounding up the list of the best villains that could appear in Marvel’s She-Hulk series is Titania’s husband, the Absorbing Man. This fellow has already appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so it’s most likely that he’ll also appear in She-Hulk series. After all, his wife is the protagonist’s sworn enemy.

  2. 5Abominatrix


    She-Hulk’s equal in terms of superhuman strength and durability, Abominatrix is likely to appear in the TV series. Their similarities don’t stop there. This villain also got her superpowers through gamma radiation exposure. However, unlike She-Hulk, Florence Sharples was a freak result of an experiment to control pre-menstrual syndrome, turning her into the villain Abominatrix.


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