Who are the cutest anime couples?

Watching our favorite anime shows can be very entertaining and binge-worthy in a lot of ways. It is also in a sense very rewarding when we finally near the last few episodes to find our main character confess love for his sweetheart. The romance part of anime shows makes watching it much more endearing and exciting, whether it be a cheesy title or even a full-blown action anime. Seeing your favorite heroes develop relationships which in turn become the cutest anime couples can be very fulfilling as a fan. Throughout the history of our favorite shows, we have been stans of the longest-lasting love partnerships as well as the new upcoming sweet anime couples that have caught our eye.

It could be very hard to articulate a straight-up correct list of the top 10 cutest anime couples as each otaku may have different favorites. Some pairs may look very unfitting of one another but in anime, personalities do work things out for some reason. Not all of our favorite cute anime couples may end up together in the end but isn't it nice to cherish their sweet and cringe-worthy moments while it lasts? These partners show us that love in fiction does exist and probably, we can find our real life partners even without superpowers or super anime-ish looks on the side. In this list, you can check out the cutest anime couples which you would surely want to ship. So get ready to binge-watch all over again while falling in love.

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    Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online)

    Falling in love with someone amidst being trapped inside a virtual reality MMORPG game may seem too strange, but it has happened - at least in Sword Art Online. Kirito and Asuna have found each other from partying on the 1st floor and have taken off from there to reach greater heights while aiming to finish the game. Is there a more fitting description for a cute anime couple than fighting and taking blows alongside each other? That's what this couple did and that's why the're part of the list.

    • Ai DaiWritten on December 27, 2019
      "Their love story is so surreal yet so ideal. Meheeh my fanheart is so sad when the game ended and Kirito can't remember anything. They will forever be one of the cutest anime couples ever!"
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    Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha)

    The cuteness and unique chemistry that Inuyasha and Kagome brings is beyond comprehension. Just considering how two different individuals from different worlds apart (literally) are brought together by fate and eventually falling in love is one for the books. Just by looking at them, you girls want to find your demon-dog hybrid in shining armor, don't you? With Inuyasha protecting Kagome from all harm possible, they end up marrying one another. Isn't that the perfect ending for one of anime's cutest couples?

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    Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)

    We probably would lose track if we count all the NaruHina stans who actually freaked out upon learning that Naruto and Hinata ended up being with each other.This cute anime couple is the perfect example of a love that was a long-time coming yet was very rewarding. We all know that their paths crossed in a very weird manner where our favorite ninja boy didn't really like Hinata, but the ninja gods must have their way out of it. Thanks to their love, we now have Boruto!

    • Ai XuWritten on December 27, 2019
      "Their backstory is actually interesting and cute. Not bad for an anime couple! I love how they look when they've matured"
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    Goku and Chichi (Dragon Ball)

    Both of them may be tough and out of this world but Goku and Chichi of Dragon Ball fame makes a very cute anime couple for a reason. They can be considered childhood sweethearts despite not really being in love when they first met. This anime couple is a proof that tough love can prevail over everything. As the Dragon Ball saga continued, fans can see how both of them matured and became the ultimate anime sweetheart couple.

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    Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad)

    With lots of fans claiming that Clannad has one of the best romance stories in all of anime, it is just right to feature its premier cute anime couple. Tomoya and Nagisa definitely look good together but more than that, the formative days of their relationship have been met with lots of challenges. With Nagisa's health and Tomoya's personal issues always on the line, they have found a way to end up being with each other as we all know from the Clannad After Story.

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Best Who are the cutest anime couples
1Kirito and Asuna (Sword Art Online)Characters 19 Paid
2Inuyasha and Kagome (Inuyasha)Characters 11 Paid
3Naruto and Hinata (Naruto)Characters 6 Paid
4Goku and Chichi (Dragon Ball)Characters 3 Paid
5Tomoya and Nagisa (Clannad)Characters 2 Paid

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