Who are the hottest female YouTubers?

Let me guess, we had you at 'the hottest female YouTubers'. Didn't we? No judgments at all! Well, we can't blame you, guys, for staring intently at their photos and spending hours on their YouTube channels watching their vlogs. Let's be honest, these ladies' oozing sex appeal is just too much to contain! And what's more interesting is that these chicks are taking over YouTube!

Just when everyone thought YouTube is just a place for aspiring singers or for crazy rich Asians who like to show off their bag and shoe collections, some ladies discovered that it could actually be a safe haven to express their feminity. And it's just amazing how they are able to talk about nothing and everything and get their number of subscribers to skyrocket to millions! The best part is they actually earn 6 digits from it! So whether you are a dude who likes to indulge in their dirty pleasure by watching sexy female YouTubers talk and talk for hours or you're a fine lady who likes to watch woman-empowering videos or perhaps, makeup tutorials on how to do that on fleek eyebrows and winged eyeliner, you are exactly where you are supposed to be! But let us break it to you that there's more to these sexy YouTubers than meets the eye! Some are self-made women of substance who found their way to the limelight, in the field of modeling and advertising. Some became female media personalities who scaled new heights with their talents! So, we hope to satisfy your desire for eye-candy with this list of the hottest and sexiest girls on YouTube. Don't forget to vote!

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    The Beauty Bybel

    Carli Bybel is a famous beauty vlogger who has been creating YouTube videos since 2011. She offers you tips and tricks to master makeup and she is the creator of a makeup palette with BH Cosmetics (an Ulta exclusive).

    • Bruce HernandezWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Carli totally belongs on the list of sexiest YouTubers, I don't even watch her videos but she has a rocking body!!!"
  2. #2

    Liza Koshy

    Liza Koshy is an American actress, YouTube comedian, and television host. She starred in the YouTube Premium series Liza On Demand which received a Teen Choice Award and Kids' Choice Award. Her YouTube channel has 15 million subscribers. 

    • Anna FosterWritten on August 16, 2019
      "I first saw Liza on David's videos then I decided to go to her channel and I just love her more than I loved David hahaha she's so charismatic and her content is interesting "
  3. #3

    Lilly Singh

    Lilly Singh who is better known as Superwoman is an Internet personality who started off on YouTube. In her channel, she often posts hilarious skits, raps, motivational videos, and more. She currently has over 14 million subscribers.

    • Parakram MehraWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Lilly is definitely the hottest female YouTuber for me because not only is she physically attractive and sexy but she's actually really humorous and her videos hit close to home. Absolutely love her!"
    • land dispositionWritten on August 19, 2019
      "I like Lilly because she is funny and has a beautiful smile, if you see her wearing sexy clothes you definitely say "That hots""
  1. #4

    Grace Helbig

    Before she broke into the vlogging industry, Grace Helbig's first-ever video on her YouTube channel was a self-portrait for homework back in college. The next thing we knew was that she already landed on Top 10 YouTube Lifestyle Vloggers. She's famously known for her podcast show entitled Not Too Deep. Expect weekly content every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on her channel. With her sexy personality, no doubt she's considered to be one of the hottest female YouTubers today!
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  2. #5

    Bethany Mota

    Bethany Mota or Macbarbie07 is a well-known fashion, makeup, and beauty YouTuber who uploads videos about OOTD ideas, hair and makeup tutorials, DIY, and more. She currently has over 10 million subscribers on her channel.

    • Olivia BrownWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Bethany isn't active on youtube anymore but she's still one of the hottest YouTubers in my eyes! She's just so breathtakingly beautiful man! Her dimples :("
  3. #6

    Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino is a baker and YouTuber who is best known for her Nerdy Nummies series where she makes various cakes and pastries. She uploads culinary videos every Tuesday and she has her own cookbook named after her famous series.

    • Madison DuncanWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Ro is both one of the cutest and sexy YouTubers I've seen! She's what I'd like to call Adorkable! I don't even know how to bake but I watch her how-to videos religiously lmaooo"
    • Raymond nhWritten on August 18, 2019
      "I follow her recipe is a second purpose, Absolute for the main reason is she so cute"
  4. #7

    Dulce Candy

    Dulce Candy whose real name is Dulce Tejeda is a famous beauty and makeup YouTuber with over two million subscribers. Dulce is known to work for brands such as L’Oreal and Macy’s. Her most popular video is about creating a Winged Liner.

    • Jack RyanWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Dulce is underrated for and the hottest female youtuber on this list no one can fight me on this! Watch her vids and check out her ig to see what I mean."
  5. #8

    Justine Ezarik

    After garnering more than 6 million followers on YouTube, Justine Ezarik, or more popularly known as iJustine, has become one of the most relevant (and sexiest) female YouTubers. Besides her face that could launch a thousand ships, her personality exudes in her vlogs about technology, travel, and gaming. Indeed, she's a lifestyle royalty in her own queendom. 
    • k.m moniruzzamanWritten on December 29, 2019
      "good looking hi how r u?"
  6. #9

    Zoe Sugg

    Apart from her career as a beauty guru and influencer, Zoe Sugg or Zoella is also a part-time entrepreneur known for her collaboration with the makeup brand Colourpop. Her collab features products like makeup kit and an eyeshadow palette.

    • Joseph ParkerWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Zoe isn't that sexy or hot in my opinion but I can see why she's on this list. Quite charming and lovely to everyone around her..."
  7. #10

    Michelle Khare

    A social media influencer and a woman who's arguably at part with the hottest girl YouTubers, Michelle Khare prides herself as a content creator for body fitness, wellness, and lifestyle. Despite her pursuit of sexiness, Michelle Khare is known to be a body positivist who encourages women to love themselves. For her, beauty comes in all forms and shapes.
    • Hazrat AliWritten on December 29, 2019
      "so sweet girls"
  8. #11

    Jenna Marbles

    Jenna Mourey who is more popularly known as Jenna Marbles is a YouTuber who posts funny content on her channel. She has over 19 million subscribers and her most popular video is titled "How to trick people into thinking you're good looking".

    • Janet StoneWritten on August 16, 2019
      "Jenna is SEXY and FUNNY AS HELL! I absolutely love her weird and pretty self because it makes me laugh until my stomach hurts!"

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Best Who are the hottest female YouTubers
1The Beauty BybelPeople 18 Free
2Liza KoshyPeople 17 Free
3Lilly SinghPeople 12 Free
4Grace HelbigPeople 10 Paid
5Bethany MotaPeople 8 Free
6Rosanna PansinoPeople 6 Free
7Dulce CandyPeople 5 Free
8Justine EzarikPeople 5 Paid
9Zoe SuggPeople 3 Free
10Michelle KharePeople -3 Paid

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