Who are the hottest girls from One Piece anime?

It comes as no surprise that the world of One Piece is male dominant. Like most Shonen anime, a lot of the important characters are guys. Still, there are a lot of One Piece female characters that would have you drooling over them the moment you lay eyes on them. These women are extremely hot and would give you a whole new reason to watch One Piece. From their seductive figures to their likable personalities, these girls are enough to make any man grow restless. Out of all the options, we've featured some who we think are the sexiest One Piece characters in this list. So for all you One Piece fanatics out there, eat your hearts out with these super sexy One Piece babes!

  1. 1Boa Hancock


    If there's one thing we know about Boa Hancock, it's that she's undeniably hot. Even the greatest of snake-charmers can't hope to tame this 'Snake Princess.' Boa is the only female member of the Shichibukai. She's the current empress of Amazon Lily and she rules over the Kuja tribe with her two younger Gorgon sisters, Boa Sandersonia and Boa Marigold. A lot of people consider her to be the most beautiful woman in the world, and we can't agree more! Compared to her sisters who are abnormally huge, her figure is close to perfect. Like most of the other girls in the series, she has a narrow waist. She's tall and slender and has long black hair. Aside from that, she has dark brown eyes, long lashes, and large breasts. She's definitely one of the hottest One Piece characters!

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  1. 2Nami


    When you first heard about One Piece, Nami was most likely the first girl who caught your attention. Well, we can't blame you, 'cause she is a certified bombshell. Nami is the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates and her dream is to draw a map of the entire world. After the time skip within the series, she got even hotter. From being short before, her hair grew longer, reaching down her lower back. It's not just her hair that changed, her breasts have grown even larger and rounder like Robin's. Not to mention, her body curves and hourglass figure have also become more defined. If that wasn't enough, she even looks younger now with her beautiful, big, brown eyes. You don't need to be a scientist to understand that Nami is drop-dead gorgeous and extremely attractive! 

  2. 3Rebecca


    Looks like One Piece made good on its promise to revisit a fan-favorite heroine and we can't be more excited! Rebecca is the former Dressrosa crown princess who's been living a much quieter life as a lady-in-waiting for the royal family. She gave up her title and kept a low profile to live with her father. After some time, she returned to shake things up in the Reverie arc. Judging by the armor, you could tell that she's a gladiator. She actually joined a tournament to compete for the Mera Mera no Mi. She's slender, curvy, and fair-skinned. Her long, light pink hair is always in a braid and her armor leaves most of her skin exposed. Without a doubt, Rebecca is one of the hottest One Piece babes we've ever seen! 

  1. 4Tashigi


    Your naval adventure in One Piece just got a whole lot sweeter with this one-of-a-kind dame! Tashigi is a Marine officer serving under Vice Admiral Smoker in the base of G-5. She was first introduced as a Master Chief Petty Officer when the Straw Hat Pirates arrived in Loguetown. Shortly after, she was promoted to Ensign following the events in Alabasta. While she can hold her own in a swordfight, she's unusually clumsy even for her level of expertise. She came close to stabbing herself with her own sword on one occasion. She has dark-brown eyes and black hair that reaches down to her shoulders. She wears rectangular glasses with red frames and a floral button-down shirt. Thanks to her beauty, a lot of her subordinates tend to fawn over her and that includes us, too!

  2. 5Monet


    Even mythical creatures can be sexy in their own way and Monet is proof of that. The thing about her is that her arms and legs were replaced with bird limbs. That's why she fairly resembles the appearance of a harpy. She was a scout and assistant for Caesar Clown in the research facility on Punk Hazard. Aside from that, she used to be a member and officer of the Donquixote Pirates and did undercover work for Doflamingo. Even with her white feathered wings and talons, she has the build of an average human. Her long, wavy, light-green hair and amber eyes made a lot of Marines falling head over heels for her. With her green tank top accentuating her plump chest, she's certified eye-candy!

  3. 6Nefertari Vivi


    You would have to be crazy not to fall in love with Nefertari Vivi 'cause she's the epitome of the beauty divine. Given that she's beautiful, Vivi is also the princess of the Alabasta Kingdom. She's the daughter of Nefertari Cobra and Titi plus she's hailed as one of the most important characters in the series. She's a former member of the Straw Hat Pirates and went along with them from Whiskey Peak to Alabasta. After Luffy liberated the Kingdom by defeating the Shichibukai Crocodile, Vivi chose to stay in her country. Her long, wavy, and light-blue hair along with her regal attire makes her look even more elegant and desirable. She's the embodiment of a goddess in princess form and that's why we just can't get enough of her!

  4. 7Shirahoshi


    She's not just huge but she's utterly cute, too! Shirahosi, referred to as the Mermaid Princess, is a giant-sized, smelt-whiting mermaid. She's also the youngest of King Neptune's children. Her size alone makes her roughly eight to ten times the size of Luffy and that doesn't include the length of her tail. She can basically hold and hide Luffy with one hand. Despite her size, she's renowned for her exemplary beauty which could rival even that of Boa Hancock. She has long, flowing pink hair and her breasts are fairly large even for a giant mermaid. The blush marks on her cheeks make her look absolutely cute whenever she's shy. Shirahoshi is proof that beauty comes in all forms and being a giant mermaid is even better!

  5. 8Makino


    If you're looking for a sexy, hot bartender in One Piece then I guess you found her. Makino is a bartender from Monkey D. Luffy's hometown, Foosha Village, who's also the owner of Partys Bar. She's a young woman with brown eyes and black hair that reaches shoulder-length. She's a very close friend of Shanks along with his crew and, of course, Luffy. Thanks to her fondness of Luffy, it almost seems as if she's an adoptive mother or adoptive sister of his. Not only does she support his dreams, but she's also content with whatever lifestyle he chooses as long as they remain friends. She's thoughtful, caring, supportive, and beautiful to boot! Any man would be lucky to have her and that's what makes her one of the hottest One Piece characters!

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One Piece holds a Guinness Book of World Records title for 'most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author.' The Guinness Book of World Records gave Oda (the creator) recognition in 2014. During the time of recognition, the manga-slash-anime franchise had sold 320,866,000 units between 1997 and 2014. To this day, One Piece manga sales have exceeded over 416 million copies worldwide. Without a shadow of a doubt, author Eiichiro Oda has created an addictive series that fans all over the world enjoy.

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