Who are the hottest masculine gay men oozing with sex appeal?

No matter what gender role, gender fluidity, or level of masculinity you possess, you can't deny that these guys are hot! And, oh, did you know that they were gay? These guys are not only masculine but they're also confident in their sexuality. These men have literally broken the stigma of what it means to be a homosexual in today's age. Check out this list fo the hottest masculine gay men oozing with sex appeal!

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    Duncan James

    Whether it be singing, acting, or having a role in television, it feels like Duncan James has done it all. At age 41, he's gone from being part of a boyband called Blue along with three other members and even being cast in the television series Hollyoaks. In an interview with OK! Magazine, Duncan revealed that he came out as bisexual to his bandmate Simon Webbe way back in 2010.

    • Diana JordanWritten on November 13, 2019
      "OMGGGGGG! Duncan definitely deserves to be at the top of the sexy gay men list or whatever list I don't even care. All I know is that he is really hot! 😍😍😍"
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    Ricky Martin

    Enrique Jose Martin Morales, or simply Ricky Martin, is a Puerto Rican singer, actor, and author born on December 24, 1971. Martin found his way to the limelight as a member of the all-boy pop group Menudo until he was 18. After high school, he started appearing on stage and television while pursuing a solo music career. His debut solo album entitled Ricky Martin was released in 1988 followed by a second album, Me Amaras, in 1989.

    • Susan WeaverWritten on November 13, 2019
      "When I think of hot gay guys, I immediately think of Ricky Martin. I love him so much! He is so talented, he can sing, act, dance. He can do it all! ❤️️"
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    Wentworth Miller

    Who would have guessed that one of Hollywood's hottest studs best known for his lead role in the hit Fox series, Prison Break, was a member of the LGBT community? Wentworth Earl Miller III, more commonly known as Wentworth Miller is an American actor and screenwriter. Aside from his major role in Prison Break, he's also appeared in other television series such as The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Dinotopia, Time of Your Life, as well as many others.

    • Linda CrawfordWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Wentworth is sooooo handsome! I absolutely loved him in prison break. I don't even care, he's for sure going on my own personal hot gay men list. 😊"
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    Matt Bomer

    Acting, producing, directing, you name it! Matthew Bomer has done it all. He made his television debut in the 1970s soap opera All My Children and from then on he's featured in several other TV shows and films such as Flightplan, Chuck, White Collar, and even Magic Mike among others. He publicly came out in February 2012 while accepting an award at the Desert AIDS Project's Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards. He and his husband, Simon Halls, got married in 2011.

    • Andrea DunnWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Matty, Matty, Matty. Can he get any more handsome? The first time I saw him on TV I fell in love with him instantly. One of the hottest gay men alive, IMHO. 😝"
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    Nyle DiMarco

    What happens when you combine brains, brawn, and a whole lot of sex appeal? You probably get Nyle DiMarco, a certified hottie. He first burst onto the scene as a fan favorite on cycle 22 of America's Next Top Model. He became the first deaf contestant on the show and went on to win the whole competition. On top of that, he also founded the Nyle DiMarco Foundation which aims to improve the lives of Deaf people all around the world.

    • Kimberly StevensWritten on November 13, 2019
      "Nyle DiMarco is the sexiest gay man alive hands down! He is drop-dead gorgeous! 😍😍😍 It doesn't even matter if he's gay but to be honest, I kinda wish he wasn't. But hey, that's just me. 😂"
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    Sam Smith

    Samuel Federick Smith (popularly known as Sam Smith) is an English singer and songwriter. Born on May 19, 1992, Smith came in the limelight in October 2012 with his carrier single Latch. In 2014, he released a full-length album entitled "In the Lonely Hour" that contained his smash hit, Stay With Me. He went on to win four Grammys for his album in 2014. In the same month that the album was released, Smith also came out and said that he was homosexual.

    • Heather WatkinsWritten on November 13, 2019
      "He's one of my favorite artists! He's so talented and his music speaks to my very soul. Stay With Me will always be my favorite song of all time. I love him so much! 😭"
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    Cheyenne Jackson

    A classic case of a triple-threat connoisseur, Cheyenne Jackson is a Grammy-nominated actor, singer, and songwriter. He's been involved everywhere from Broadway to television, and even starred in various films. He's best known for his appearances in American Horror Story, 30 Rock, and even Glee. He's also been nominated for several awards involving the most outstanding performance by a lead actor and many others.

    • Sarah HernandezWritten on November 13, 2019
      "He is a triple threat! Cheyenne Jackson can do everything. I'm just in awe at how awesome he is. And, oh, did I mention that he's hot? 😂"
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    Neil Patrick Harris

    Now, who could possibly forget the iconic character from the hit television series, "How I Met Your Mother," that we've come to know and love known as Barney Stinson? There's no doubt that Neil Patrick Harris is an amazing actor and great performer. Plus, he's become somewhat of a huge celebrity that's known for being part of the LGBTQ community thanks in part to his huge following.

    • Carolyn JenkinsWritten on November 13, 2019
      "OMG! Who doesn't love Barney Stinson?! Hahaha! But in all honesty, Neil Patrick Harris is a genuine character. That's why everybody loves him! 😁"

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