Who are the hottest Thai girls on Instagram?

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"Smart is the new sexy." But really, what makes a girl sexy, or hot? Is it their voluptuous body? A summer-ready chiseled set of abs? Evenly tanned skin? Pearl-white glass-skin? Or wait, is it their accent? Regardless, we believe that beauty comes in all forms, sizes, and colors! Yet, it is arguably true that most of the westerners prefer Asian ladies, especially Thais, to other races. Perhaps, because Thai ladies are, by nature, very conscious about their looks. Dubbed as The Land of the Free, Thailand does not only brim with history-rich tourist destinations and interesting traditions, it also home to world's hottest and most gorgeous women. So, without further ado, indulge yourself with this curated list of actresses, models, and vloggers, who are oozing with sexiness and charm!

  1. 1Fah Chatchaya Suthisuwan


    Fah Chatchaya Suthisuwan (@fahhaha_), who is more popularly known as FahFah, is a content creator slash model slash vlogger from Thailand. More than being just a hot Thai girl on Instagram, FahFah serves as a travel inspiration to a lot of tourists who want to visit Thailand. Thai culture, customs, food, name it, and she's gonna give it!

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  1. 2Khwankanang Buakongyossawan


    With more than half a million followers (and counting) on Instagram, KHWANKANANG.B (@supgalzjigkee) is a certified freelance model from the land of the free. Outside Instagram, you can sometimes find her at Sepang F1 International Circuit, modeling for brands. Her perfect body silhouette makes her a staple subject by many famous photographers.

  2. 3Nontaporn Teerawatanasuk


    You could be one of her over-a-million followers on Instagram (yae_uunws) who can take a peek into her life behind the camera and lights. As a beauty ambassadress, Nontaporn Teerawatanasuk makes sure to keep her pearl-white skin as radiant as always to inspire ladies out there who are into makeup and skincare. She's definitely a stunner and one of the hottest ladies in Thailand!

  1. 4Pimpawee Kograbin


    She is more than just a pretty face and a sexy lady! Apart from being a ball of sunshine with her charming face and aura, Pimpawee Kograbin (@toonpimpav) is a certified influencer slash model slash businesswoman. Did you know that she’s also a foodie? Talk about a woman who can care less about eating but is able to keep her curves on point.

  2. 5Panichadar Sangsuwan


    With her irresistible charm and undoubted stage presence, no wonder Jammie Panichadar has risen to stardom as an actress on a TV network in Thailand. At the age of 25, she has had several supporting and lead roles from her past television dramas. No wonder her Instagram account (@jammie_panichadar) has more than 300,000 followers!

  3. 6Mind Napasasi


    We are pretty sure this isn’t your first time laying your eyes on this sexy lady right here who goes by the Instagram handle @mind-napasasi. And in case you are wondering how she keeps her body in tiptop condition, she works out every day. You can see more photos of her working out on her IG account, all sweaty but keeping it all sexy!

  4. 7Parvinee Tatiyakajohnlert


    Don’t you dare look at her mesmerizing eyes! Because for sure, you will get hooked on them. She may be a little too much to handle, especially for the conservative. But this model couldn’t care less about how people perceive her! All we know is that she loves being in the water and that she is comfortable in her own skin. Bikini photos await you on her Instagram (@parlovetati).

  5. 8Sririta Jensen Narongdej


    Being one of the hottest Thai girl models on Instagram is just one of the many hats Siririta Jensen wears. From playing minor roles, to landing on major characters in shows to striking poses in front of the camera, Rita has shown her versatility and talent in so many ways. Luckily, modeling was the most significant turning point of her career. You can follow her on IG at @sriritajensen.

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