Who are the most admired transgender celebrities or influencers?

Happy Pride Month! Yes, you read that right, because here, we believe that every month should brim with rainbow-colored lights of honor and pride. Get inspired by these transgenders who confidently take a stand to promote equal rights!

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    Laverne Cox

    Laverne Cox is an American actress and an LGBT advocate born in Alabama. She's best known for her character as Sophia Burset on Orange Is the New Black. Cox was hailed as the first ever trans woman to be nominated for an Emmy Award. 

    • Katherine WeberWritten on September 18, 2019
      "Laverne Cox is arguably a transgender celebrity that I would always stan. As an actress, she never fails to to act brilliantly. I have watched her on Netflix and hands down to her. Anyway, I read online how she struggled back when she was just a kid and how she almost committed suicide. I am just so happy she was able to recover from it. "
    • Victoria FergusonWritten on February 9, 2020
      "Wow are you serious ? i never know ! damn ,crazy. as for me i dont care ,just person need be good in general."
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    Caitlyn Jenner

    Dubbed as one of the most celebrated trans women today, Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce Jenner, did rise to fame as an Olympic athlete. Years after, she took the world by storm when she appeared as Caitlyn on Vanity Fair magazine.

    • Jessica RussellWritten on September 18, 2019
      "You know what makes me think that Caitlyn Jenner is really one of the most admired transgender celebrities? It's because she never lost her true character. Yes, she may have fully changed physically but her heart did not. I love how people have accepted her for all that she is. Kudos to Kris Jenner too!"
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    Jazz Jennings

    Born on October 6, 2000, Jazz Jennings confidently wears many hats as a YouTube sensation, a resource speaker, a TV personality, and an advocate for LGBTQ rights. At an early age, she already exuded her feelings about her, being a trans.

    • Sarah CarrWritten on September 18, 2019
      "Okay, I followed her on her social media accounts and I recently discovered that she just fully transitioned into a transgender woman this year. What a lucky and privileged young human! Well, she deserves it. I also follow her on youtube. Such an inspiring tv personality."
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    Chaz Bono

    Chaz Salvatore Bono is the only child of the celebrated artists Sonny and Cher. A loud and proud transgender man, Chaz actively participates in the pursuit of equal rights for the LGBT community. He even wrote a book about his transition.

    • Victoria SalinasWritten on September 18, 2019
      "I love Chaz much as I love his mother Cher. Apart from an LGBT advocate, she's really a good actor and artist in general. Saw him on American Horror Story. If you wanna watch him act, he is also on The Bald and The Beautiful. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU WANNA GET INSPIRED BY HOW HE BECAME A FULL TRANS MAN, THERE'S A DOCU FILM IN 2011 FEATURING HIM."
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    Andreja Pejic

    Born on August 28, 1991, Andreja Pejic has started gracing fashion shows at an early age. Yet, she sashayed away the runways of Vogue as a transitioned woman in 2015. Standing six fee one, she's one of the notable LGBT model/advocates.

    • Marcela MuñizWritten on September 18, 2019
      "To all people who say she's is JUST a Vogue supermodel, okay you are wrong!! She just proved in her runaway shows that regardless of gender, you can pull off both man and woman's clothes. I love how Vogue acknowledge his presence as the first ever trans model to be ever profiled."
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    Carmen Carrera

    An LGBT icon known for her appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race, Carmen Carrera is a TV personality who initially identified herself a man in a woman's dress. Yet, her rainbow-colored light shone brighter when she became an LGBT advocate.

    • Chao LiuWritten on September 18, 2019
      "I remember when she bravely stood up against a very insenstive comment about her being either a shemale or a female o RuPaul's Drag Race She's a true LGBTQ ally! I love you Carmen Carrera!!!"
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    Jamie Windust

    A seasoned writer, model, and contributor to some of the leading lifestyle and fashion magazines in the world, Jamie Windust exudes an avant-garde and unconventional taste for make up and fashion. Jamie's an LGBT ally!

    • Gerald PerryWritten on September 18, 2019
      "Don't we all love his rainbows and unicorn personality?? I mean Jamie's exotic makeup sense and fashion taste definitely makes him a real queen. I love him and I STAN him! Nobody can ever pull off green winged eyeshadow than him!"
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    Eli Erlick

    An internationally recognized transgender woman, Eli Erlick started her career in the LGBTQ++ activism at the age of 16. She founded the Trans Student Educational Resources that aims to encourage collective action. She's also a writer!

    • Martha HerreraWritten on September 18, 2019
      "Okay to clear things up, she is a proud transgender woman but then she also acknowledges that she doesn't conform to gender as gender is very fluid. She's very passionate about fighting for the rights of her co-trans and cisgenders. I love her next to Chanel West Coast!"

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