Who are the most handsome Korean actors?

To all ladies (or gents) who love staying up late to binge-watch their favorite K-Drama series, we are pretty sure that you are either drawn by the compelling story or you were enchanted with the irresistible charm exuded by some of the most handsome Korean actors. And before you know it, you already spent hours searching for their photos on Instagram! And let's admit that sometimes, we all just need an eye-candy to keep us moving forward in life on days that we can't. Or when, well, we just feel like it because why not? No worries and judgment at all because we feel for you! And so we attempted and hopefully succeeded to make 'researching' a breeze for you.

Here you can find a curated list of the prettiest Korean drama actors, including singers and models who are oozing with charisma. Whether you fancy a man who slays in a leather jacket or one with soft-boy energy in posh and sophisticated get-up, you landed on the right page! Of course, we also included their must-watch shows if you wanna see more of them in the silver screen or on TV. Interesting facts about them that you may (or may not) know are also readily available here. Remember that there's no other better option than going back to your all-time favorite Korean actor slash crush! Don't forget to cast your vote below and if you think we are missing someone that should be included in the list, please don't hesitate to give us a comment and pitch your fave one! Kamsahamnida!

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    Lee Jong-suk

    Considered to be one of the prettiest actors in South Korea, Lee Jong Suk first came into the limelight as a model. Born on September 14, 1989, he was once considered the Youngest Korean Model when he started his modeling career. After successfully earning a reputation on the runway, he tried his luck in acting and made his debut in the drama show Prosecutor Series in 2010. Yet, not until he took the lead role in the 2012 drama entitled "School 2013", did he truly solidify his name in show business.

    • Johnny FloresWritten on November 20, 2019
      "W's plot was bad, but does Lee Jong-suk looks damnnnn good. He's the cutest baby!"
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    Song Joong-ki

    With a face that could also launch a thousand ships, Song Joong Ki is arguably one of the most handsome Korean actors of his generation. His acting debut in the film "A Frozen River" definitely put him on the map. Shows after shows, his succeeding projects like "A Werewolf Boy" made a hallmark in the history of Korean cinema. Considered to be a polymath, Joong Ki also excelled in athletics and earned his business administration degree with flying colors. 

    • Jonathan AlexanderWritten on November 20, 2019
      "I truly want him to father my children. Is that weirD? this man is So handsome and talented!"
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    Lee Min-ho

    Lee Min Ho's brilliant acting prowess and charismatic voice transcend the borders of South Korea, making him one of the most loved Korean actors in Asia. When fate took away his dream of becoming a professional footballer, he focused much of his attention on acting. He started to have his moments in the silver screen and TV after the successful run of the Korean drama "Boys over Flowers" in 2009. His portrayal of the character of Gu Jun-pyo in the hit drama series made him snatch the Best New Actor award at the Baekang Arts Awards.

    • Sun YuanWritten on November 20, 2019
      "CLASSIC. The most handsome and the best Korean actor. And thats that :P "


Whenever we hear the name Lee Min-ho, all we could ever imagine is a man who cuts a dash in his leather jacket in every action scene that he does. Yet, little did people know that behind his strong and powerful bravado in the Korean hit series Boys Over Flowers is a pain that he has been enduring all these years. Did you know that Lee Min-ho got involved in a life and death car mishap in 2006? It was tragic enough to get him to suffer from a broken thigh and ankle. And yes, doctors needed to place metal plates so his bones would get re-aligned and heal. So when rumors spread that he would get excruciating pain on the set of Boys Over Flowers during winter or whenever he needed to dip into cold water, that's the reason behind. The hit-and-run accident left him disabled for months.

Yet, like a phoenix, the Korean heartthrob rose from the ashes! After filming Boys Over Flowers in 2009, iron plates were removed. Show after show, he has taken the world by storm. He then became part of a series of Korean dramas, like City Hunter in 2011, as well as brand endorsements in and out of South Korea. No wonder, he is considered one of the most handsome Korean actors, if not the most handsome, as well as The King of Ads! Interestingly, it seemed his popularity couldn't be contained inside his homeland that it reached the Philippines, China, Japan, and other Asian countries, dubbing him as The Top Hallyu Star! Wait, did we mention that he once dreamed of becoming a professional footballer?

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    Ji Chang-wook

    It seemed Ji Chang Wook was really poised to win a spot in the entertainment industry. He started putting his best foot forward as early as 2006 in musical theatre and in no time, he rose to fame when he played the role of Dong-hae in the hit Korean drama series "Smile Again". With his irresistibly handsome face and exceptional talent, Ji has easily become the crowd's favorite from all over Asia and Europe. 
    • Hannah CurtisWritten on November 20, 2019
      "Ji Chang-wook is the only reason why I liked The K2 and watched Melting Me Softly online. Plus, I really feel like this man could sing if he wanted to!"
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    Kim Soo-hyun

    Kim Soo Hyun being recognized as one of the most handsome Korean actors came as no surprise. It's in the bag! After his notable roles in drama hit series Dream High in 2011 and Moon Embracing the Sun in 2012, Soo Hyun's exceptional performances started to bear fruits. Perhaps, the biggest turning point of his career was when he took the iconic role of an alien in My Love From the Star. Yet, aside from being an internationally acclaimed actor, Soo Hyun has also a knack for modeling and singing.

    • Frances CoxWritten on November 20, 2019
      "He's literally my dream boyfriend.... Thanks My Love From The Star for introducing him to me"
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    Park Bo-gum

    Dubbed as the "Nation's Crown Prince" for his appearance in the Korean drama Love in the Moonlight, Park Bo Gum has every girl falling head over heels for him on and off cam. Did you know that his brilliant acting made him the youngest artist to be ever awarded the Actor of The Year by Gallup Korea? Also, his penchant for nice pieces of clothing and impeccable style once garnered a Fashionista Award in 2018. Whether he's in a leather jacket or a blue suit with a turtleneck piece underneath, he sure cuts a dash in every way. 
    • Amy FengWritten on November 20, 2019
      "He's a newcomer relatively, but I definitely see Bo-gum becoming a poster cute boy like Lee Minho and stuff."
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    Lee Joon-gi

    A pretty boy by nature, Lee Joon Gi is a South Korean actor endowed with soft features, dubbing him as the 'flower boy' of Asia. Climbing the charts to become one of the most sought-after actors was never easy for him. He moved to Seoul with nothing but a dream of entering show business and worked his way to the limelight expectantly and with gusto. His break finally came when he audaciously portrayed the character of an effeminate clown in The King and the Clown in 2005.

    • Wang LuoWritten on November 20, 2019
      "Lee Joon-gi and IU look really good. They should do more shows together! FIGHTING! "
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    Seo Kang-joon

    Seo Kang-Joon is not only one of the hottest Korean actors today, but he is also a fantastic singer! Kang-Joon is part of the first-ever actor group named 5urprise. The group consists of five men who began their careers as actors and are also talented singers. Kang-Joon debuted as an actor on the 2013 drama After School: Lucky or Not alongside his members. Aside from his singing stint, he has portrayed lead roles in famous K-dramas. He is most known for starring in the dramas Cheese in The Trap (2016) and Entourage (2016).

    • Guadalupe SánchezWritten on January 14, 2020
      "There are a lot of handsome Korean actors, I can't lie but Kang Joon just stands out from the rest. He is just too pretty to ignore"
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    Ahn Jae-hyun

    Controversies aside, you can't deny that Ahn Jae-Hyun belongs to this list of hot Korean actors. Whether it's his slim build or strong yet soft features, his visual definitely catches the eye! There are a lot of top male Korean actors and somehow Jae-Hyun still stands out on his own. In his early years as an actor, he would often get second-lead or brother roles. Although the actor is also becoming recognized as the lead character in K-dramas. His most prominent roles include Blood (2015) and Beauty Inside (2018).

    • Brenda SimsWritten on January 14, 2020
      "jaehyun oppa is one of the most handsome korean man for me so no doubt he is also the best-looking actor on this list. No one fight me on this!~"
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    So Ji-sub

    Can you believe that one of Korea's top actors So Ji-sub began his career as a jeans model? So Ji-sub went from hotshot model to one of the best and most handsome Korean actors of all time. Ever since he has gained lead roles in almost every drama and film he starred in. You may know him from the Korean drama Master's Sun (2013) or on Oh My Venus (2015). No matter which leading lady he pairs with, the actor always has perfect chemistry with them. There's no denying that So Ji-sub is a versatile and talented actor.

    • Marilyn CollinsWritten on January 14, 2020
      "Not only is So Ji Sub fine as hell but he's actually an outstanding actor! A lot of actors are just pretty on the eyes but their acting is cringey. Gladly So Ji Sub is both handsome and talented."
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    Seo In-guk

    Seo In Guk is more than just a pretty face! He may be one of the most gorgeous Korean actors (or singers) but more than that, he's a filial son. After winning the first season of the reality talent show Superstar K, he wanted to put up a restaurant business for his parents. And when it rains, it really pours! Seo In Guk made his first supporting role in Love Rain in 2012 and immediately followed by a series of TV show appearances. 

    • Betty SuWritten on November 20, 2019
      "Seo In-guk just has the best eyes out of everyone in this list. I stan a talented and beautiful man!!!!!!"


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7Lee Joon-giPeople 2 Paid
8Seo Kang-joonPeople 0 Paid
9Ahn Jae-hyunPeople 0 Paid
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