Who are the most powerful Marvel characters?

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For Marvel fans all around the universe, would you even dare reach a consensus as to who the best and most powerful Marvel characters ever are? Such could be a very difficult task if you get to think about how many Marvel superheroes and villains alike are there. How many Marvel movies and comic books have you ever seen and read? How many of those mutants or beasts can actually beat the strongest and most untouchable out there? We all know the Avengers and what they can do. The X-Men are long-time favorites as well but such characters are only probably a quarter portion that occupies the vast Marvel Universe.

Judging who is the most powerful of them all and having a most powerful Marvel characters ranking has been done, probably a million times before. Saying that someone would top such a list just based on brute strength and actual punching power would be a crime as there are too many factors to consider when talking about our favorites. So, Marvel fans, share with us what you think and check out this list of the most powerful Marvel characters. You're favorite might actually be the strongest of them all so take a peek!

  1. 1One Above All


    There's no actual knowledge or scope of what One-Above-All's powers actually reach out to. One thing is for sure though, it is that he is the creator of everything in the Marvel Universe and possibly some things beyond it. Nobody actually knows what he looks like due to his very unconventional appearances but he is said to be an ever-present and all-knowing creator. When you're someone like him who is above The Living Tribunal, then you just might be the sole and most powerful Marvel character ever.

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  1. 2The Living Tribunal


    The Living Tribunal is so powerful with abilities that cover vast portions of the Marvel Universe as he had existed as long as such universe itself. He only answers to one entity and that is the supreme being, The One Above All. Even Thanos, who himself yields the Infinity Gauntlet did not even dare to step up to him because of The Living Tribunal's ability to manipulate the Infinity gems, making him one of the most powerful Marvel characters ever.

  2. 3Squirrel Girl


    This unassumingly cute and feminine Marvel character might not be as well-known as others but she sure can beat those who others fail to beat. Remember, Squirrel Girl was able to singlehandedly defended the Earth against Galactus. She actually never even lost a fight in her entire existence in the Marvel Universe, making her one of the most powerful Marvel characters there is. It seems like pitting her against the creators of the multiverse might be the only thing left for her to deal with to prove her status.

  1. 4Galactus


    Galactus is actually so strong that he is the sole survivor of the so-called 'Big Bang' and the sixth incarnation of the Multiverse. Originally, Galan, he was reborn into Galactus and has since been known to terrorize the entire Marvel Universe population. Almost disposed of by Watcher, he has survived such by his oath of non-interference and thanks to that, he has stood strong with no one really able to beat him seriously, except for Squirrel Girl.

  2. 5Thanos


    We all know Thanos from his Infinity Gauntlet, his mishaps with The Avengers squad as well as his on-and-off battles with Death, the latter which doesn't really seem to matter because of his immortality. This powerful and handy cult leader is just too big and too powerful not to be recognized. When you're someone like him who is invulnerable to poison, telepathy, and illness, then you're basically unbeatable, unless you face someone like One Above All, that is.


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