Who are the most powerful Seven Deadly Sins characters?

When it comes to assessing the power level of characters in any anime, you can guarantee that there's always room for debate. It's pretty much the same with the Seven Deadly Sins anime characters. It's always a controversial topic 'cause even the higher tier characters don't have a specified power level. Instead, we have to base it off the battles that they've won and the special abilities that they have. As a fantasy adventure anime, The Seven Deadly Sins is chock-full of powerful beings from human to celestial and every other race between. To help put your minds at ease, we've come up with our own The Seven Deadly Sins anime characters list and who we think are the strongest ones. Witness why these characters are among the most powerful beings to ever exist in Britannia!

  1. 1Escanor


    If there's anything we learned from watching tons of anime it's that you don't judge a book by its cover. That's pretty much the case with Escanor. During the nighttime, he's this meek and frail alcohol salesman. But as soon as the sun comes up, he grows bigger and stronger so much so that he even rips through his clothes. That's 'cause his power is that of 'Sunshine' and the amount of power he gains depends on what time it is. The more the sun grows brighter, the stronger he gets and when it reaches noon, he unlocks his full power: The One. This power turns him into an unstoppable force that's capable of destroying anything and anyone in his way. Plus, if he reaches his 'Ultimate' form, it's almost equal to being 'godlike.' Even the strongest of demons bow down to his might.

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  1. 2Meliodas


    He might look like a child to you but, believe it or not, this frail-looking teenager is the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins. Meliodas happens to be the Demon King's firstborn son and Zeldris' older brother. He may look like a boy in his early adolescent years but he's actually thousands of years old. Sure, he doesn't look that strong, but he's one of the deadliest beings in the entire world. Like other demons, he can use 'Hellblaze' which nullifies the regenerative abilities of his opponents. Still, that's not even the half of it. His greatest ability is Full Counter which is amplified by his sword, Lostvayne. Whenever someone attacks him, Full Counter doesn't just shield him from the attack, it also reflects the attack back at the opponent. What that means is you can try to hurt Meliodas as much as you'd like but you'll probably end up hurting yourself. Not cool, bro.

  2. 3Zeldris


    Before you jump the gun, this isn't Meliodas. This is actually Zeldris, Meliodas' younger brother. Like him, he's also the son of the Demon King and is the captain of the Ten Commandments. He's the spitting image of his brother except his hair is black instead of blonde. It's not just the looks, but similar to his brother, Zeldris is unbelievably powerful. His presence alone creates absolute terror in front of entire armies. Bad news for Meliodas though, 'cause ever since he abandoned him, Zeldris has nursed a hatred for him unlike any other. His strongest ability is Ominous Nebula which makes his superhuman strength and speed even deadlier. It creates a maelstrom that sucks in his opponents which gives him the opportunity to slice them as much as he wants at super-fast speeds. If that wasn't enough, he also has the ability to borrow the power of the Demon King which makes him dispel all magic attacks. Now, that's truly terrifying if you ask me.

  1. 4Derieri


    Millenia ago, there was a Holy War between two factions with demons on one side and every other known race on the other. The demons were led by their powerful King along with his top lieutenants, The Ten Commandments. They possessed natural demon abilities on top of their own unique powers which made them unstoppable. Derieri happens to be one of the strongest of the Ten Commandments. Despite her weak-looking stature, she's actually a brutal hand-to-hand fighter. Her most powerful ability is Combo Star. It increases the force of each blow when landed as a chain of moves. With each succeeding strike, 200,000 pounds of force is added. Aside from that, she also has six hearts which she can sacrifice to transform into an overwhelming creature called Indura. As strong as it is, she loses all sense of self when she's in that form which is why she only considers it as a last-ditch ability.

  2. 5Drole


    If we're talking about pure strength alone, then Drole is probably the biggest and most physically powerful being in existence. He's the former head of the Giant clan who stands nearly a hundred feet tall. He has four arms, one eye, and blue skin plus he's pretty much feared but respected among his race. Drole also fought against demons in the Holy War but after suffering a loss to Zeldris, he switched sides to become a demon himself. His strength is overwhelming as he can push aside anything with ease. He can endure any type of punishment thrown at him which makes it ideal for absorbing heavy damage from his enemies. He can terraform huge territories in an instant, create infrastructures, and even make earth golems. He has a special dance which symbolizes his connection to the Earth and gives him the ability to dispel the effects of other Creation magic.

  3. 6Gloxinia


    If you thought fairies were just weak little creatures with fancy wings, you might wanna rethink that after seeing this. Gloxinia is the first of the Fairy Kings and fought against the demons in the Holy War. During which, he felt bitter towards his allies because of the death of his sister. After that, he decided to become a demon and he joined the Ten Commandments. His powers are like King's only they're much stronger in comparison. Together, he and Drole, create a deadly combination mixing rock and plant form to make indestructible prisons and monsters. His magical spear, Basquias, can manifest a series of vines. With that, he can fly, read minds, and use the Disaster ability to manipulate matter at a molecular level.

  4. 7Monspeet


    Don't let the mustache fool you, but this dude is the real deal. Monspeet is Derieri's constant companion and considered a gentleman demon who likes to think before he acts. While he's an absolute monster with an appetite for bloodlust, killing isn't his first instinct. He prefers to defeat his enemies using other methods as long as it doesn't get in the way of Derieri's safety. He's capable of using a variety of different fire-based magic. This includes releasing hellfire blasts while in bird form and gathering all his magical power in one burst among many others. The Demon King gave him the commandment of Reticence which shuts out the voices of anyone with hidden feelings. Out of all his abilities, his most powerful one is Trick Star which allows him to switch objects of similar size. It's a useful ability that he uses whenever he's in a tight spot.

  5. 8King


    Harlequin, or simply 'King,' used to be the king of the fairies before an evil human who wanted his wings tried to kill him. After that, he lost his memory but he met Diane and they lived together for many years. One day, he realizes that his brother betrayed him by pretending to be the human who tried to kill him. As a result, he left Diane and erased her memories of him 'cause he was afraid to put her in harm's way. Later on, he became a Holy Knight and joined Meliodas along with the other Seven Deadly Sins. He has the ability to levitate and read other people's minds. He's not much of a fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat but his true power lies in his natural magic and his enchanted spear, Chastiefol. The spear possesses his Disaster ability which lets him rewrite reality at a molecular level. As the Fairy King, he also has complete control over nature.

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The first season of the Seven Deadly Sins covered the primary major story arc of the manga which had more than 100 chapters. Seeing as the first season of the anime had no more than 24 episodes, you could tell that there was a great deal of cramming involved. As a result, a lot of important details from the manga were left out. Narratives from the manga came off as cases of deus ex machina (a contrived plot device) in the anime. This often occurs in anime adaptations due to the large amounts of work along with the need to meet a schedule.

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