Who are the most wanted villains fans want to see in Marvel’s Moon Knight series?

Now that Disney+ is up and streaming, the guys at Marvel Studios are booked and busy. With Kevin Feige being named as Marvel’s new chief creative officer, we can expect brand new releases from the superhero experts. Aside from movies, slated for Phase 4 are some bigshot names as well as newcomers to the small screen. In particular, if you haven’t caught wind yet, Marvel has announced that Moon Knight is one of the upcoming series that will be released on Disney+. Nothing much is known about this series yet aside from its head writer Jeremy Slater who is famously known for The Umbrella Academy. However, we do know many things about Moon Knight’s story based on the comics so why don’t we talk about that instead.

For many fans—including me—Moon Knight is the Batman of Marvel. That bold comparison is enough to bring hype to Marvel’s new series. Anyway, in a nutshell, Marc Spector (Moon Knight’s real name) used to be a CIA operative turned mercenary turned superhero. What makes him unique is his multiple personality disorder. That’s interesting, right? However, we do know that every superhero needs an equally revolting villain—or villains, which is most likely the case. This leads us to the case: who are the villains Moon Knight should be battling? If you’re not familiar with him and his enemies, you need not worry. Just simply scroll down and see who are the most wanted villains fans want to see in Marvel’s Moon Knight series. Do you agree with the fan consensus or do you think we missed someone? Leave a comment below to let us know.

  1. 1Bushman


    Topping the list of the villains fans want to see in the Moon Knight series is, of course, Moon Knight’s archnemesis, Raoul Bushman. For those who don’t know Bushman used to be Marc Spector’s right-hand man until the time he decided to betray him and leave him for dead. His betrayal is a defining moment in the series as this leads Spector to finally become Moon Knight.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Stained Glass Scarlet


    A close runner up, Stained Glass Scarlet is one of the fan favorites to appear in Marvel’s Moon Knight series. Born Scarlet Fasinera, this foe is quite interesting given that she used to be a nun and has a psychic connection with our hero, being able to enter his mind through his dreams. Abusive parents and an abusive partner made this once holy woman depart the right path and become a vigilante.

  2. 3Bora


    Bora is the woman who tarnished Moon Knight’s record. How so? Well, she just crippled him. Pretty intense, right? Before living a life full of crimes, she dreamt of becoming a ballerina. However, her being a mutant with the ability to summon arctic winds came with a disadvantage: she’s over seven feet tall. Instead of weeping for her crushed dream, she became a villain, wreaking havoc everywhere.

  1. 4Morpheus


    Next on the list of Moon Knight’s enemies fans would like to see in the Disney+ series is Robert Markham, aka Morpheus. A freaky result from an experimental drug, Markham lost his biological need to sleep instead of being cured for a viral infection. His appearance also warped, filling him with so much hatred for the doctor that ruined him. His revenge plan eventually made him cross paths with Moon Knight.

  2. 5Black Spectre


    Black Spectre is one of the villains who turned bad due to the society we live in. His sob story started when he returned home from the Vietnam war. His wife left him, his son dead, and he can’t find a job anywhere. These events along with the horrors of the war altered his moral compass for the worse. Eventually, he becomes one of Moon Knight’s biggest headache as he would often frame the superhero for crimes. 


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