Who are the scariest female horror movie characters?

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When we talk about horror movies, we often envision some scary scenarios where female characters serve prey to some serial killer or become targets to ugly demonic ghosts. This happens in a lot of well-known thriller films. However, throughout the history of cinema, we can not deny that there have been females that did return the favor. The Ring franchise probably has taken the frightening female paradox to another level. Never before have movie fans imagined a freakingly scary girl coming out of a television set ready to inflict trouble. This image has caused fear to a lot of people, giving us reasons to have second thoughts before quickly deciding to watch a horror movie with a female ghost.

Yes, the Freddy Kruegers, Ghostfaces, or the Hannibal Lecters of our time had us at the edge of our seats. However, when females take on the wheels of terror, things seem to take on a much more unwanted direction. They may appear just as pretty as those leading ladies from love story films, but that doesn't mean that they can be just as harmless. These female horror film characters have proven to be just as brutal, terrifying, and cruel as their male counterparts. The horror genre has seen it all, but this might not be the end. In the future, we might see scarier girls than we ever have. If you look back at the list of top horror movies, you will find them all over. If you're too lazy to dig deep, we are here to help you. Dive right into this list to find some of the scariest female horror movie characters that are out there to haunt you.

  1. 1Carrie


    Behind her innocent facade and unassumingly shy looks, Carrie shows how it is to be a true blue female horror movie sensation as Sissy Spacek showed in this 1976 film. Viewers most definitely got shocked after this girl turned an entire school gymnasium into a brutal killing room where no one can ever survive. There is more to this femme fetale than just telekinetic powers as Carrie has proven to be one of the scariest females in the horror movie genre. 

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  1. 2Samara Morgan


    Televisions were supposed to be entertaining until Samara Morgan came to the picture, literally. She terrorized film lovers in the American version of 'The Ring' movie series. Based on her Japanese counterpart, Sadako, who is also known to bust out of television sets seeking for revenge, there is no denying how disturbing yet iconic this horror villain is. She has proven that female characters in horror films can be just as terrifying as anyone.

  2. 3La Femme


    La Femme is probably one of the most terrifying females you would see in a horror movie. The 2007 French film 'Inside' showcases Beatrice Dalle's amazing and very believable portrayal of a female who kills anyone who stands in her way as she tries to poach an unborn baby straight out of its mother's womb. This character has been the poster girl for the new wave of French horror films, making her straight-up scary. 

  1. 4Lola Stone


    Lola is a vengeful character that you can't let slip from your radar as she is just as brutal as any other female horror character you will find in movies. She appears in the Australian horror flick 'The Loved Ones' as a girl obsessed with knives and syringes as her murder weapons of choice and she uses them to kill a number of teenagers in her search for her perfect lover. Now, that's a brutal high-schooler you got. 

  2. 5Tiffany


    Who could ever forget this little but deadly female character that proved to be just as terrifying as everyone else? Tiffany is the one and only bride of Chucky that helped the famed iconic killer bring terror to horror movies as lovers. Her partnership with Chucky proved to be a perfect recipe for murders, bringing terror to us all. 


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