Who are the sexiest Kantai Collection characters?

Despite people saying that Kantai Collection is already a "dead game," it's still very much alive in Japan. The Kantai Collection (or "KanColle") community even had an event. It was held inside one of Japan's most prestigious venues, the Nippon Budoukan. Also, if that wasn't enough the game's staff even confirmed that it's going to have its very own anime! For those of you who are wondering, what is Kantai Collection anyway? It's originally a Japanese free-to-play web browser game. Kadokawa Games developed it which was then published by DMM.com. The game's theme is centered around the idea of warships personified as teenage girls. Each character has a different personality that reflects the history of their respective ship. So now that you know about the game, it's time to talk about the anime. The Kantai Collection anime aired in 2015. It featured 12 episodes and even had an animated film entitled "KanColle: The Movie. If you're a fan of the show, you probably have your favorites among the Kantai Collection anime characters. I mean, what's not to like about cute girls who also happen to be very dangerous? But, of course, there are a lot of them to choose from. With each character having their very own unique personalities. Even their strengths as warships are something to consider when choosing your favorite one. That's why we made this list to give you an idea of which ones are the hottest and sexiest Kantai Collection characters. Here's who we think are the best!

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    Oh, Yamato. Sweet, sweet, Yamato. How can someone be so cute and sexy at the same time? She's refined, patient, and somewhat obedient. But don't get confused, her hospitality is undeniable but so is her power as a battleship. Her existence is mainly considered a secret her ability to raise her guns at her enemies is unlike any other. She's the shrine maiden of our dreams with her uniform and it's form-fitting nature.

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    Zuikaku and Shoukaku

    The aircraft carrier, Zuikaku, and Shoukaku are the more mature girls in the RPG. If their twin-tail hairstyles don't catch your attention then maybe their tsundere attitude will. People may often mistake their confidence for arrogance but that's okay 'cause they can back it up. Just like their carrier crew, they wear a modified shrine maiden uniform topped off with a piece of light armor across her chest. They may not be the curviest, but they're still a real head-tuner.

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    Kongou is a girl with long brown hair that is tied into buns. She has an outfit similar to that of a modified shrine maiden: a white top, red mini skirt, and knee-high boots. Her bubbly and energetic personality gives off a kind and playful demeanor. Being from England, she sometimes mixes broken English into her conversations and makes her even more adorable. We know Kongou is a fast battleship, right? It makes you wonder, how fast does she move when on a date?

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    Make no mistake about it, Shimakaze is a destroyer class all on her own. But, she is on the strange side. Her long blonde hair is held by a ribbon that's tied at the top with loose ends forming cute little bunny ears. People who are into sailor outfits are definitely going to love her. She wears a double-breasted white top, a sailor collar, and miniskirt with striped thigh-highs. To add to her repertoire, she's the only girl that can be considered as a witch's familiar.

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    Talk about bringing out the big guns! Nagato is a premier class battleship. When we say big guns, we're not just talking about the size of her chest or the cannons she has on deck. She is the flagship of the combined fleet, which means she's the one in charge. As a leader, she has a cool, calm, and careful demeanor when approaching any situation. Her long black hair, her piercing gaze, her undeniable beauty? It's the stuff of wonders, truly.

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Best Who are the sexiest Kantai Collection characters
1YamatoOther 17 Paid
2Zuikaku and ShoukakuOther 12 Paid
3KongouOther 9 Paid
4ShimakazeOther 2 Paid
5NagatoOther 2 Paid

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