Who are the strongest anime characters who can beat Goku?

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Whether you were born in the 90s or not, if you are a certified Otaku, you must consider Goku as one of the strongest anime characters of all time! And we are not here to debunk that fact. We are just here to hypothetically name he strongest anime characters who can defeat Goku just in case they happen to cross paths! But if you are asking 'Can Naruto beat Goku?' Or 'Can Goku beat Superman?', we are not certain, to be honest. All we know is these top pics can undoubtedly beat him!

  1. 1Chi-Chi


    Chi-Chi might have been the shy and fearful lady that we know of but certainly, she is one of the strongest anime characters when it comes to beating Goku. She may not have some out-of-this-world powers but her love as Goku's wife could defeat him. No matter how strong Goku is, he can't probably unleash his full power!

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  1. 2Saitama


    As his nickname suggests, Saitama can definitely Goku in just one punch! Well, we have seen Goku make it through the strongest energy blasts on the planet but certainly, Saitama a.ka One Punch Man can destroy a celestial body with his bare fist. But for sure, Goku is going to put up a good fight as he always did in his previous fights--multiple bruises and knockouts until one stands up victorious!

  2. 3Usagi Tsukino


    Usagi Tsukino may look like your sweet girl but certainly, she is not backing off in one-upmanship with Goku! And we gotta tell you that odds are in favor of Sailor moon. While Goku can transform into Super Saiyan, our blonde lady over here is the Lunar Princess. And she is a goddess on another level. 

  1. 4Sagittarius Seiya


    It seems that Sagittarius Seiya is going to defeat Goku in a lot of ways, Starting off with the overall look! Comparing Goku's rugged look with Sagittarius Seiya's high-fashion get-up, I think we have a winner! But kidding aside, Seiya is THE Legendary Gold Saint himself! But wait, not just an ordinary saint but the strongest of them all. He channels the Cosmo energy element of light. 

  2. 5Ryuk


    Ryuk doesn't even need to intimidate Goku by his horrific form! Ryuk just needs a pen and the Death Note to defeat Goku. And Ryuk is definitely one of the strongest anime characters who can beat Goku in just a jiffy! Not to mention that Ryuk is an immortal Goku. He is practically unaffected by Goku. You wanna bet?


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