Who are the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters?

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Since its inception in 1998, Hunter x Hunter has truly captivated the hearts and minds of certified Otakus. And since then, it has never failed to ignite the interest of fans to look for the strongest Hunter x Hunter character. While we know that the definition of strength varies from person to person, you can be sure that our top picks for the strongest ones are diverse. From their in-born physical prowess to their nurtured skills, these Hunter x Hunter characters brim with often-overlooked skills and abilities. Are you ready to dive in? If so, welcome to our list!

  1. 1Meruem


    There is not any doubt that Meruem would certainly top our list of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters. By nature, Meruem is the mightiest offspring of the Chimera Ant Queen herself. At the onset, he was an atrocious leader. He was merciless. He is generally not your friendly neighbor who likes to repeat himself once he says something once to you. At the time of writing, Meruem is considered to be the strongest Hunter x Hunter character for he possesses the highest learning ability. Also, his unparalleled physical greatness, especially his tail that could sting you to death, as well as his intellectual prowess, exceeds that of the Royal Guards.

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  1. 2Isaac Netero


    Isaac Netero is a living proof that looks can really be deceiving. His appearance--a wrinkly old man--may be telling you that he is weak. But mind you, it is the other way around. In fact, Chairman Netero is one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters. In terms of hierarchy, Netero has the highest authority among everyone in the Hunter Association. Yet, in terms of physical prowess, imagine him falling for 60 feet but incurring no injury at all! Not only that, but his immense speed is also topnotch amongst others. He could outpower Gon and Killua without faltering. He just brims with muscular strength!

  2. 3Neferpitou


    Can we just take this time to appreciate Neferpitou's cuteness? Like, his cat-like ears and tail make him so adorable! Among all the Royal Guards, he is the only one who puts Komugi's safety on top of everything else. His loyalty is undeniable. Yet, his strength is another story to tell. Dubbed as one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters and one of the mightiest Chimera Ants to have ever existed. Despite incurring physical injury, he and his gang were able to take down Kite, a mighty hunter. With his cat-like features, his sense of smell, hearing, and sight is just topnotch. Well, would you believe that he could tear Gon apart without Gon being able to bounce back after getting knocked down?

  1. 4Gon Freecs


    You may have seen Gon Freecs on every poster of Hunter x Hunter but he's not only popular, he is certainly one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters. BUT take note, we are talking about his adult form. Sure, his young form is adorable and cute but his adult form is one for the books. Drawing for his adventurous nature, he always strives for greater power. His adult form was his peak state in terms of nen and his physical abilities. 

  2. 5Hisoka Morow


    Are you one of those who appreciate Hisoka as he changes outfits in every story arc? Well, what about his sadomasochistic and atrocious mindset? His love for bloody combats is just notorious! When fighting him, don't get tricked. He would make you feel like you're safe but the truth is, he sees your vulnerability and you could be easily killed. Apart from being a manipulative character, he is no doubt one of the strongest Hunter x Hunter characters. As the Floor Master, he is a deadly magician who puts up a seemingly good show only to kill his opponents whenever and wherever. Not to mention that he could sense the position of his hidden enemies. His out-of-this-world strength includes destroying five bodies all at once! If he ain't the strongest character, we don't know who is!


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