Who are the strongest Kengan Ashura characters?

Who is the strongest Kengan Ashura character for you? With their fine, god-built physical form and their varied array of fighting styles, it can be difficult to determine who will emerge as the victor when they are pitted against each other. So, why don't you check this list out and let us know how you feel?

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    Kanoh Agito

    Kanoh Agito was a fighter who represented the Dainippon Bank during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He was considered as the strongest fighter and easily became the fan-favorite in the tourney. While still active, he was ranked the highest among all Kengan affiliated fighters, and was the fifth title holder of "The Fang of Metsudo."

    • Leo HuangWritten on August 14, 2019
      "HE IS AMAZING!!!! Raian is no match to this man even if he uses his techniques.. kanoh agito is the best!!!!"
    • Keisean The Sage KWritten on November 10, 2019
      "Yes, I like how he is all calm and collected then he gets crazy and just overpowers his opponent."
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    Julius Reinhold

    Julius Reinhold, who also goes by the moniker "The Monster,"  was Toyo Electric Power Co.'s representative fighter during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He has highly developed muscles, partly due to the number of steroids that he intakes. His enormous body built grants him tremendous physical prowess. Reinhold is also deceptively fast despite his 200 kg weight and large frame, being able to sprint as fast as a first-rate sprinter.

    • Philip LittleWritten on August 14, 2019
      "I only have respect for The Monster. Remember that before the tournament, he was able to stop and pull an F1 car. Not just that, he was also able to crash it. He's really one of the strongest Kengan Ashura characters."
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    Wakatsuki Takeshi

    Wakatsuki Takeshi fought for the Furumi Pharmaceuticals during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. With his abnormal muscle density (52 times higher than average), Takeshi also has the highest win record among his peers. He's also the longest-serving active affiliated Kengan fighter out of all.

    • Phillip RobertsWritten on August 14, 2019
      "C'mon!!! You gotta have him as number one! Have you seen his match with Murobuchi? I mean, he has the best record for good reason."


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    Gaolang Wongsawat

    Gaolang Wongsawat is a professional boxer who also works as Rama XIII's personal security. Also known as "The Thai God of War," he partakes in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament as the fighter affiliated to Yato Trading Co. His main combat style is boxing which focuses on lightning-fast yet powerful flicker jabs. Gaolang's physical abilities are also outstanding, making him capable of throwing heavy punches from any position even if its an unstable one.

    • Zhou ZhuWritten on August 14, 2019
      "He's one of my best bets in Kengan Asura!!! Such a beast. Plus, he's so cool!"
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    Kure Raian

    Kure Raian was Under Mount, Inc.'s representative during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Also known as "The Devil", Raian came from the well-known clan of Kure and was one of the three assassins in the tournament. After the event, Kure Rain was known to have gone missing.

    • Ken WuWritten on August 14, 2019
      "sure, he's strong, but im not sure if he'd win against julius... though im sure it would be one of the best matches in kengan ashura"
    • Richard AnjeWritten on November 3, 2019
      "He loss to Ohma. And where the heck is Ohma."
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    Sekibayashi Jun

    Like Kono Haruo, Sekibayashi Jun is a famous Super Japan Professional Wrestler who was Gandai's representative in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He is a veteran pro wrestler who goes with the monicker "Hell's Angel." Because of his experience, he learned to use lots of chokes, holds, and slams, and he also became an expert at pressing foes through talking.

    • Alice LucasWritten on August 14, 2019
      "the fight between tokita and sekibayashi proves why this character can beat anyone in kengan asura. clearly, no one has a chance."
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    Kono Haruo

    Kono Haruo is a Super Japan Pro Wrestler who fought in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament for Nentendo. Also known as "The Destroyer," he was originally a Gurkha who boasts with out of this world physical strength. His physical power also grants him more durability and endurance in his fights.

    • Andrew SchultzWritten on August 14, 2019
      "watch Kono Haruo Vs Akoya Seishu and you'll get why im a fan of him"
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    Murobuchi Gozo

    Murobuchi Gozo was a legendary decathlete that ruled all areas of track and field. Due to his former career, he has greatly developed his speed, physical strength, and technique. And since he isn't an expert in any kind of martial arts, he relies purely on his athleticism. In his participation during the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he became the affiliated fighter for United Clothing.

    • Xiang QiaoWritten on August 14, 2019
      "tbh he's my least favorite character in kengan ashura. he's not that strong and he's too pompous for me."

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Best Who are the strongest Kengan Ashura characters
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4Gaolang WongsawatCharacters 7 Paid
5Kure RaianCharacters 6 Paid
6Sekibayashi JunCharacters 3 Paid
7Kono HaruoCharacters -14 Paid
8Murobuchi GozoCharacters -17 Paid

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