Who are the strongest mutant telepaths?

What if you were told that you were given the chance to have a superpower? Would you skip the chance to be a telepath? The Marvel Universe is loaded with the strongest mutant telepaths ever known and we are just glad that they are fictional cause their existence would probably mean a lot of chaos. Check out this list to know more about them. 

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    Charles Xavier

    Professor Charles Francis Xavier is a mutant like no other. Behind that bald head, he possesses the intellect of humans and the telepathic ability that only mutants can have, plus, he just might be the most powerful telepath inside the whole X-Men Universe. His dream was simple – a world where both men and mutants co-existed in harmony. But, despite his influence and his amazing x-ray telepathic waves, Professor X knows that this goal of his cannot be achieved easily that is why he did his best to train other powerful mutants, hence, the X-Men.

    • Helen CuiWritten on November 8, 2019
      "My favorite mutant ever!!! His telepathy might not be displayed that violently all the time unlike others but that Cerebro is really cool and sick! Surely one of the strongest mutant telepaths no question"
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    Emma Frost

    Emma Frost has long been recognized as one of the strongest omega-class telepaths to exist. Also known as the White Queen, her powers and telepathic abilities can rival those of the other great mutant contemporaries and even the great Charles Xavier himself. Altering people's thoughts and broadcasting them is her strength that is why it is gonna be hard to beat this girl mentally.

    • Esperanza VillegasWritten on November 8, 2019
      "Hands down the best mutant telepath probably next to Jean Grey! Plus shes so beautiful especially in the comics LOL"
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    Jean Grey

    When you're a mutant that can rearrange matter at a subatomic level as well as manipulate cosmic energies, then you must be a strong one. Jean Grey has those abilities plus one more - her special telepathic ability that she had since she was a child. As Professor X's first student, she had to be restrained due to the strength of her telepathic powers. Add this to the fact that she can become Phoenix makes her one of the most powerful X-Men ever. 

    • Jacob FloresWritten on November 8, 2019
      "Nuff said' she is the original telepath in X-Men Universe and her strength is natural and Professor X even feared that this would be too strong for her to handle"
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    Being the son of powerful mutants in Cyclops and a Jean Grey clone must be quite a burden, but Nathan Christopher Charles Summers proved that he thrives in his own mutant identity through his telekinetic and telepathic prowess. While he is best known as the Terminator of the Marvel Universe, this cyborg has to use every inch of his psionic resources into keeping in check the deadly techno-organic virus ravaging his body. But when you're like hin who can make a whole city levitate through his mind, then you are really one strong mutant telepath.

    • Phillip RobertsWritten on November 8, 2019
      "His ability to do damage via his mind is very violent that is why he's so powerful and strong. That's his edge over them all to make him one of the strongest mutant telepaths"
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    Nate Grey

    A mutant who is constantly in contention for the title of the strongest telepath of them all, Nathaniel Grey holds the bloodlines of the original telepath Jean Grey and Scott Summers, giving him a legitimate birth claim to that distinction. He is more than just a lowly telepath as he can put his powers on full display by connecting to the astral plane as a resource for his psychic abilities while firing telepathic blasts that devastate an opponent's mental space. How's that as a show off for you?

    • Celia CoronaWritten on November 8, 2019
      "He's my favorite! Remember what he did to Apocalypse?? Yeah he's the best in using telepathic powers "
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    Though Sentry isn't the most well-known mutant telepath around the Marvel universe, his ability to have a million suns exploding at his disposal alone makes him extraordinary. Other mutants must be thankful that his occasional dabbling with telepathy hasn't gone too far. His ability to erase himself from people's memories make him particularly special, to the point that even the strongest mind readers cannot penetrate his thinking. 

    • Hannah SandovalWritten on November 8, 2019
      "He's barely using telepathy ever but I agree he is a strong mutant"
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    One of the strongest villains to ever exist in the Marvel Universe, Apocalypse array of powers is something that only a few can dare rival. His telepathic and telekinetic abilities have been on full display at various points within the X-Men timeline and though there are limits to his strength, it has proved to cause serious damage. If mutants that can move and manipulate large objects and other living beings is your thing, then Apocalypse might just be your kind of mutant.

    • Han HanWritten on November 8, 2019
      "I think he is more of a madman than an actual telepath. I believe there are better mutant telepaths than him like Legion"
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    Quentin Quire

    Relatively newer than other mutants, Quentin Quire is known for his distinctive pink hair and genius abilities. When you're someone who can create psionic weapons out of your own brain, then you're bound to be known as 'Kid Omega'. He thrives at having ideas at speeds that others can barely process in addition to his "psychic shotgun" prowess. To cap it all off, his gang once kidnapped Professor X which didn't end up that well for his gang.

    • Dan XuWritten on November 8, 2019
      "Kid Omega!! I love his style and his psychic shotgun so cool and powerful for a mutant telepathic poweer"


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