Who are the strongest One Piece crews?

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After watching One Piece or reading the manga, you might be wondering, who's the strongest of them all? To be more specific, which Pirate crew remained powerful even in their last breath? There are many kinds of crews that appeared in the anime so finding out who's the best takes a level of commitment. One Piece provides you with some of the most daring Pirate crews that you will ever witness. Since this shonen anime has a lot of Pirate crews, you might be wondering who are the handful that remains mighty. To satiate your curiosity, here's a surefire list of strongest One Piece crews that rule the sea!

  1. 1Roger Pirates


    A One Piece pirate crew can't be one of the strongest in the league without a powerful captain leading them. One of the pirate crews that are still considered to be significant are the Roger Pirates led by Gol D. Roger. It comes to no surprise since captain Gol D. Roger is known to many as The Pirate King. The captain himself has many achievements that make him iconic but we can't forget about his crew members! Shanks and Buggy used to be members of this crew and now they are esteemed captains of their own pirate crews. Aside from them, a notable member is the former first mate of the crew, Rayleigh or Dark King. Rayleigh served as the mentor of Luffy later on. The Roger Pirates are on a league of their own!

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  1. 2Whitebeard Pirates


    There's no denying that the Whitebeard Pirates lost their influence and power later on in the series. This is mainly because of the tragic deaths of the crew's most powerful forces, the captain Whitebeard and Ace. Although on this list, we choose to look at them during their peak as a pirate crew. They were known to be the most powerful pirate crew led by Edward Newgate a.k.a. Whitebeard. Another noteworthy member of the crew is Portgas D. Ace. In their prime, the Whitebeard Pirates Crew had a bond like no other. There are also many talented people in the bunch such as Whitebeard's sons Marco the Phoenix, Oars Jr., and Diamond Jozu. Despite their inevitable downfall, they were a crew to be reckoned with.

  2. 3Beasts Pirates


    The Beasts Crew's governor-general Kaido is known as the "Strongest Creature in the World". So it comes to no surprise that his crew would make it on this list. Although the unspoken question begs to be said. Does he even need a crew? He's basically unkillable and almost immortal no matter how many punches come his way. Although despite being a mighty creature, his crew members are still quite impressive. Since he has a lot of connections in the underworld, he has many crew members with set skills. His all-stars include the King, Queen, and Jack that make his crew just as undisputable as him.

  1. 4Red Hair Pirates


    Leave them be and they won't hurt you but once you mess with them, you won't live to tell the tale. The Red Hair Pirates are seen mostly having a good time and they are led by their captain Shanks, who is one of the strongest One Piece characters of all time. Even with a missing arm, his strength is on a whole other level. He can even go against the powerful Whitebeard. His crew members are also worth mentioning for their impeccable skills. Usopp's father Yasopp has impressive marksmanship skills that can scare away the enemies. Another member who strikes as powerful and intimidating is Ben Beckman who can make any hostile being shudder at his presence.

  2. 5Straw Hat Pirates


    Although the Straw Hat crew are the protagonists of One Piece, they are still a rising pirate crew. We didn't witness their beginnings as one filled with power and glory. Although it's undeniable that they are now one of the strongest pirate crews out there. The members of this crew, even the captain Luffy, are all improving in great ways. Even the "weaker" members like Usopp, Chopper, and Nami have improved. Watching the Straw Hats become significantly stronger and more infamous as the story goes by is always a worthwhile journey. One day, we might even call them the most powerful pirate crew of One Piece.


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