Who are the strongest Sith Lords?

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While fans of the Star Wars franchise have always dreamed of becoming Jedi warriors, we cannot deny that there are also those who dwell in the Dark Side of the Force. You, as a fan, know that the Sith order has made life difficult for everyone in the galaxy. They can conquer their enemies, brainwash opponents, or even rise from the dead. And as the Sith Code states, "peace is a lie, there is only passion", it instills into fan's minds that there will be constant war in the Star Wars Universe as long as the Sith order exists. If you are one of those who find the Dark Side fascinating, we are here to lure you in further with this list of the strongest Sith Lords who you should definitely know about. Check them out!

  1. 1Darth Sidious


    Just by knowing that he was able to kill his own master and lead the Sith uprising, you'd already have an idea that Darth Sidious or Emperor Palpatine is one of the strongest Sith Lords ever. As one of the most powerful Sith characters that the Star Wars Universe has ever seen, he was able to survive death a number of occasions, create massive star-destroying ships and even create multiple versions of Snoke. Although motivated by pure evil, you can't deny that his strength and skills are just too much for almost anyone. This is proven by his nearly unblemished record among lightsaber duels, with the exception of his defeat to Mace Windu.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Darth Bane


    A thousand years back before the Clone Wars took place, Darth Bane made a name for himself as the sole member of the Dark Side to survive the legendary Jedi-Sith war. Whether you recognize his greatness or not, his accomplishments cannot be denied. He created reforms inside the Dark order which eventually led to the establishment of the Empire. If not for his guy, do you even think that the Rule of Two would have materialized? Just imagine the Sith order not being able to avoid total destruction in the hands of the Jedis.

  2. 3Darth Plagueis


    You might have known him from the Star Wars canons as the master of Darth Sidious. But, there is more to Darth Plagueis than being killed in his sleep by his former apprentice. His accomplishments and contributions to the Sith order go as far as manipulating midi-chlorians to preserve, extend, and even create life. It would definitely be exciting to see his character translate in the movies for us to witness how he controlled various star systems, crime lords, and politicians, all for the glory of the Sith.

  1. 4Darth Tyranus


    Apparently, there's no shortage of former Jedi knights among the Sith's elite ranks, don't you think?. Count Dooku, or Darth Tyrannus, is one of those who found his calling in the Dark Side and he has been a devoted disciple of the Sith cause. Proof of this is his ability to command both the droid and clone armies to hold back Yoda's attack. Eventually though, he was executed by Anakin Skywalker, but not without putting up a fight.

  2. 5Darth Maul


    If you haven't seen Darth Maul as one of the strongest Sith Lords, you might want to give him a second look. Well, aside from being cool-looking compared to others from the Dark Side, he was also able to grow spider legs and resurrect himself after using his hatred against Obi-Wan. Aside from that, he was also able to show us the first double-ended lightsaber in the history of all Star Wars films. The only thing is that his greatness was hidden behind minimal screen time. 

  3. 6Exar Kun


    Die-hard followers of the Star Wars canon lore will surely know how dreaded Exar Kun is as a Sith Lord. In fact, wouldn't you like it better if he made appearances in the trilogy movies? Although you might not have heard much about him, he surely belongs to the Dark Side's elite as he has even developed his own double-ended lightsaber. Originally trained under the Light, he has discovered many ancient secrets which made him switch sides. One remarkable thing about him though, is that he used the Starstorm One, both as a Jedi apprentice and as a Sith Lord. 

  4. 7Darth Revan


    Long even before the establishment of the modern Sith order, Revan was already a well-respected Jedi knight who fought in many battles such as the Mandalorian Wars, the Jedi Civil War and, The Great Galactic War. Wonder why he's called 'The Prodigal Knight'? Well, it's because he is known for switching sides and you probably won't be able to guess where his true allegiance lies.  


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