Who are the strongest Tower of God characters?

Tower of God is a webtoon written and illustrated by Lee Jonh-hwi, also known by his pen name SIU (Slave. In. Utero.). The series started back in 2010 and was edited and released by the webtoon publishing portal, Naver Webtoon. Naver was also responsible for translating the series into Japanese and English versions. The series was also translated to other various languages by way of fan translations. This was eventually replaced by Line Webtoon, which began official translations in 2014. This caused a bit of confusion among viewers, particularly, with regards to locally translated names of the characters. In was a minor hurdle as the characters and the story itself is still the same.

Tower of God centers around a boy called Twenty-Fifth Bam, who has long been trapped in a vast and mysterious Tower. He only has his close friend, Rachel, together with this and keeps him company. Rachel enters the Tower and gets lots. Thue begins Bam's ordeal as he faces the challenges of each floor while trying to find his friend. The Tower is a mysterious structure that is completely enclosed but is able to house many unique environments within. The series has been a success for Naver and Line Webtoon, with 5 million people reading Tower of God's weekly installments. An anime adaptation of the popular series is set to be released in Spring 2020 and it can't come soon enough. In the meantime, why don't we refresh ourselves with the various Tower of God characters? Let's make it interesting and let's find out who among them are the strongest ones. Check out our list of who are the strongest Tower of God characters and let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

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    Phantaminum (also goes the name moniker "The Riddle") is a mysterious Irregular and is considered highly dangerous. He is currently ranked 1st in the tower and is famous for contributing to the creation of stereotypes against Irregulars. He is also an Axis (or author) in charge of his own story in The Tower. True to his name as The Riddle, despite presumably being the most powerful character in the Tower, everything about him is a mystery and no one really knows what his motives are. He's so strong in fact, that no one alive really knows what he looks like.

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    Enryu is an Irregular and is currently the 2nd ranking character in the Tower and is also the first known Irregular to have entered the tower during Zahard's rule. He is most famous for slaying the Guardian (thought by people to immortal beings) of the 43rd Floor and this has resulted in his nickname of Guardian Murderer. Enryu is just as mysterious as Phantaminum himself. He is known to be a methodical and graceful fighter though, which is something that is admired by Rankers.

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    Zahard is the famous King of the Tower and is considered to be a god to the inhabitants of the Tower. He is currently 3rd in the rankings and is the ruler of Zahard's Floors as well as the founder of the Zahard Empire during the time that he was conquering the Tower. Due to a contract that he made with the Floor Guardians, he is basically immortal and is invulnerable to harm from anyone who came from the Tower. Meaning an Irregular can theoretically kill him. The closest ones to do so are the criminal syndicate, FUG.

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Manhwa is the common Korean term for comics? Korean manhwa and the culture that comes with it started to appear during the WWII era. This was during the on-going conflict between Korean and Japan. The Japanese imposed strict laws to keep the people of Korea in control and one of those is the limiting of the free press. Korean cartoonists and comic artists responded to this the only way they knew how, through satire. The 1960s brought about a bit more artistic freedom which resulted in the development of other kinds of manhwa works. They were "sun-jeon manhwa" (sentimental comics) and "myongrang manhwa" (funny comics). It was shortlived though when a coup was staged that imposed even stricter laws on censorship.

After the rise of a more liberal regime, press regulations were far more relaxed and saw the arrival of the golden age of creative expression. Manhwa artists were finally able to create new manhwa about pretty much anything they wanted. Nowadays, it's common for manga and manhwa series to be marketed sold in international markets. While the latter still can't quite compete with the best manga series out there, it's slowly building traction and recognition. In fact, a Tower of God anime is set to have its debut in 2020. It would be best to brush up on your knowledge of Tower of God characters before it arrives.

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    Urek Mazino

    Urek Mazino is an Irregular that is currently placed 4th in the Tower's overall rankings and is the strongest active Ranker in the Top 5 before Zahard became active once again. Urek is someone that many consider as being on the same level as Phantaminum. This can't really be tested as all Top 3 Rankers are inactive. He is incredibly powerful and his physical abilities outmatch almost every other active Ranker. He is also the fastest one to scale all floors to become a Ranker in the entire history of the Tower.

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    Arie Hon

    Arie Hon is the head of the Arie Family, considered as the strongest of the 10 Family Heads and is currently 5th in the Tower's rankings. He is one of the 10 Great Warriors who has pioneered the Tower alongside King Zahard. Arie is known to give out random special tests to those who enter the Tower. In fact, the first person to ever pass his tests was Urek Mazino. Apart from gaining fame for this feat, he also received control over one of the Hon's Floors as a reward. 

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