Who are the top actors that could be the next Wolverine?

Hugh Jackman Is Wolverine. No actor has ever portrayed and personified a comic book character as well as he has with Wolverine that spans 17 years and 8 films. As much we want him to continue portraying the role, someone eventually has to succeed him as the next Wolverine but the question is, who could that be? We take a look at the top actors that could be the next Wolverine in our list below.

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    Jason Momoa

    Yes, he already plays Aquaman in the DCEU but there's no real reason why he can't take on and portray another superhero role outside of scheduling conflicts. There is a precedent for it after all. Josh Brolin and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje have both done it.

    • Randy StevensWritten on November 5, 2019
      "He has proven himself to be a talented actor and should be considered for the role of the next Wolverine. He has the physique and intensity down so all that's left if for the studios to make it happen."
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    Jai Courtney

    Jai Courtney has been appearing in a lot of major blockbuster films in recent years like Divergent, Terminator, and A Good Day To Die Hard. He has proven himself to be quite an actor. He also has the physique and attitude to be able to nail the Wolverine role down.

    • James BanksWritten on November 5, 2019
      "I haven't seen much of his work until just a few years ago and I think he definitely has a shot of being the new Wolverine. The physique, the attitude, and the signature rugged look are all nailed down."
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    Tom Hardy

    Tom Hardy has that whole rugged and brooding intensity down that needed of him should he land the role as the next Wolverine and just about every action movie that he has been in has been great and would be fit for the character's impending reboot.

    • Katherine RuizWritten on November 5, 2019
      "A multi-talented actor that would definitely do great as the next Wolverine. His action movie roles have all been great from playing Bane in The Dark Knight Rises to Eddie Brock in Venom."
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    Richard Armitage

    Richard Armitage is a talented English that would do well should he be considered as a possible new Wolverine. His experience and roles speak for themselves. Plus, he has the look and build down.

    • Christina LaneWritten on November 5, 2019
      "He was great in The Hobbit films and I think would do well as a possible new Wolverine in the MCU. He has the build for the role as well as the gruff look that it needs."
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    Charlie Hunnam

    Most people would probably know Charlie Hunnam as Jax in Sons of Anarchy and he did a great job with it. He has struggled a bit to land a new role and this could be his next big break. There's already buzz that he could be great as the new Wolverine anyway.

    • Sun YuanWritten on November 5, 2019
      "He was great as Jax in Sons of Anarchy and even his role as the King Arthur movie was good. He has the look and body for the role and this could be his next big acting break."
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    Travis Fimmel

    Travis Fimmel's role as Ragnar Lothbrok in Vikings did great for his career that skyrocketed his popularity. Landing the new Wolverine would be his big movie break and what a role it would be. The intensity that he brought to Vikings will server him well here as well.

    • Albert HicksWritten on November 5, 2019
      "After his masterful performance as Ragnar Lothbrok, I'm surprised he hasn't landed another big role yet. Maybe this could be the role for him as he definitely has the rage and intensity required of the character."
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    Keanu Reeves

    Marvel has been in talks with Keanu Reeves for just about every possible role that he could take on for his MCU debut so you might as well include Wolverine as a possible candidate in the list. 

    • Zhao TangWritten on November 5, 2019
      "As much as I love Keanu, I don't think that he could pull off being Wolverine. He's intense but he lacks the rage that the character is known to be able to properly portray him."
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    Hugh Jackman

    There's nothing like the original to be to properly nail the character down and with Hugh Jackman himself teasing that he could reprise his role yet again, we are left hoping that this indeed would be the case. It could really happen so we're not ruling this one out just yet.

    • Johnny AlvarezWritten on November 5, 2019
      "While the possibility of Hugh Jackman reprisal as Wolverine is certainly great, I don't think it will involve a reboot but just as well, the idea that would appear at all in the MCU is good enough."


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