Who are the top Bollywood villains?

As a fan of movies, have you ever stopped to think, "what would movies be like without the villains?" Just thinking about almost seems pretty hard. There would be no plot twists, no avenging relatives, no tragedy, nothing. There would be no sense of urgency to save a life or to stop a villainous act. The story would just be ordinary and dull. Sometimes, it's not even the heroes who make a movie interesting, it's actually the villains. With that being said, I guess it's safe to say that villains are just as important as heroes. When it comes to Bollywood villains, it's difficult to imagine a masala flick without any action sequences. That's pretty much the bread and butter of Bollywood films. Villains add the much-required spice to any film for that matter, not just in Bollywood. Above all else, they just make it more exciting for us fans. If you're an avid movie-goer, you might have encountered a time when you remembered the villain more than the good guys. Think of The Dark Knight without Joker or Hannibal Lecter if he wasn't in The Silence of the Lambs. Those films wouldn't even stand a chance without those antagonists. In this age of anti-heroes, it's always good to remember the classic villains who have revolutionized the very archetype. That's why we've made a list of famous Bollywood villain names to pay tribute to the most iconic evil-doers in the industry. Check out the Bollywood villains' name list right here!

  1. 1Gabbar (Sholay)


    As far as Hindi movies go, Gabbar is definitely the notion of a "Villain." Sholay was such an iconic movie and a lot of it was because Gabbar was such an exemplary antagonist. Amjad Khan really did an impressive job at tweaking the frequency of his dialogues. Plus, his reactions were also on point. There are so many ways to describe how good Gabbar was as a character. Not only is he considered as the greatest villain, but he's also probably the most iconic character in Bollywood.

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  1. 2Mogambo (Mr India)


    Mogambo in "Mr. India" has that deep shrilling voice and a well-built physique fit for the image of a villain. Actor Amrish Puri has really brought the character to life. He's the sole reason why this character is included in this list. He has taken the role to perfection that no one can recreate it by any means. He has played as the bad guy in so many roles in the past and that's probably why he's so good at it. No one even comes close to him at being a master of guises.

  2. 3Crime Master Gogo (Andaz Apna Apna)


    I think fans will be amused to know that the reason why this villain is included in this list is not that he's menacing but rather because he's adorable. Now that may sound confusing to some, but there's a reason why this character is such an iconic villain. Crime Master Gogo was nothing more than a mere clown played by actor Shakti Kapoor. But even to this day, there are more memes of him on the internet than any other villain.

  1. 4Kaancha Cheena (Agneepath)


    Actor Danny Denzongpa had done quite a few villain roles in the past. The only problem was that almost all of his portrayals looked the same. The same caves, same costumes, same henchmen, almost everything at that. But everything changed when he got the offer to play Kaancha Cheena and that's where he exceeded all expectations. He gave fans a suave, smooth trickster that was poised and gruesome at the same time.

  2. 5Shakaal (Shaan)


    Shakaal had all the makings of a great villain. From the bald look, his vengeance, and even his bizarreness. It was a subtle take to a role that has been portrayed before. Even so, he's added a lot of details that managed to stick in the minds of his viewers until today. Is it his slump appearance, his shrill voice, his ruthlessness to destroy and create chaos? Safe to say, he's been a marvel for people who have had an eye for movies.


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