Who are the top Boruto characters that can reach the level of a Kage?

All Naruto fans know that youth is not a hindrance to be powerful. Indeed, even Naruto started his rise to being a Hokage at a very young age when he was still very reckless and only full of raw potential. The same applies to his friends who started exploring their innate energies at a very tender age. Soon enough, the 'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' series has confirmed fans' assumptions regarding some of the best ninja's offsprings. In fact, a lot of Boruto characters already possess unbelievable skillsets at a very young age. Not only our poster boy, Boruto, but a whole new generation of shinobi seem to pick up where the previous series has left off, only more powerful and action-packed this time.

The new generation of ninjas showcased in 'Boruto' is very intriguing. Just by looking at their initial states, can you even tell who has the real strength and potential to be a Kage? With this new breed of potential elite ninjas seemingly too hard to distinguish from one another, finding a rightful shinobi who can inspire people can be a daunting task. The next Uzumaki Naruto may be as well his son but we can never be sure. Basic amounts of training and chakra alone may prove to be not enough to determine the best Boruto character that can reach such level but there are signs to watch out for. In this list, we look at the top Boruto characters that can reach the level of a Kage so check it out and see if your favorite makes the cut.

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    One thing is for sure and that is Konoha has found a gem with this kid. Boruto has proven to be a more skillful version of Naruto at the same age. With the rate he is able to adapt jutsu, he just might be the default candidate to be Konoha's Kage in the near future. Needless to say, Boruto is still just basically a copy of his father, only more talented but with less ambition. And even though he might not realize that he will soon be worthy enough to reach the kage level, his abilities might prove to be too much for everyone not to recognize him.

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    Unlike Boruto possibly being the next Kage of Konoha, thanks to Suna's tradition, we fans can assume that Shinki will be the next Kage of his nation. Being the adopted son of Gaara, and being a talented ninja as well, being the rightful heir to his sand-wielding father definitely suits him. In all fairness, he has trained with the best of them and he also seems powerful enough to take over the role of being a sand god, and with a little training in puppetry as well, Shinki is one of the top Boruto characters awaiting to be a Kage.

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    Shikadai Nara

    When talking about bloodlines among ninjas, Shikadai will always be part of the conversation. Just like his contemporaries, he belongs to a talented clan with loads of ninja power. What makes Shikadai stand out among other Boruto characters is that he is a blood relative of the Kazekage, aside from being the child of Temari and Shikamaru. His family credentials added with his amazing mind make up for whatever lack of strength he has. This will always keep him in contention to reach the Kage level sooner than later. 

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    Sarada Uchiha

    Finally, we meet a ninja who actually wants s to become the best of them all and be a Hokage. If you look at the whole picture, Sarada fits right in the list of possible Kages. More than that, she also has the makings of the best ninja to ever live. Aside from her mastery of the Sharingan from the Uchiha bloodline, she is a fast-learning and well-driven ninja with loads of ambition. If there was someone to rival Boruto, Sarada would probably a top choice for everyone. 

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    Despite not knowing how to really make full use of his strength and chakra, Kawaki can still be seen as one of the best young ninjas you'll see in the 'Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' series. Based on full strength, Kawaki can already be considered to be at the Kage level just by looking at his power. Although one can discredit him because of what genetic engineering has done to him, there is no doubt that he is one good ninja who can reach the Kage level.

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