Who are the top DC villains?

All eyes may be on Marvel right now but when it comes to villains, DC has some of the most memorable ones to ever grace the comic books. Here's a refresher course on the top DC villains that will give Thanos a run for his money.

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    Darkseid is a being from the race known as New Gods with the ultimate goal of controlling all free will in the sentient universe. His has the Omega Beams, is a form of energy that could disintegrate, teleport, or resurrect any living organism.

    • Edward CrawfordWritten on September 3, 2019
      "Comparisons between Thanos and Darkseid are inevitable. I would argue that Darkseid is far more sinister and poses as a greater threat with all of his abilities combined including immortality. Definitely one of the top DC villains to grace the comics."
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    Doomsday is a powerful monster that was created in Krypton by the scientist, Bertron. Every time he dies, he respawns having evolved past the last thing that killed him. Experiencing his first deaths in Krypton, made him naturally hate Kryptonians. 

    • Edison MengWritten on September 3, 2019
      "This is one DC villain that represents the biggest threat to Superman. He is invulnerable and adaptable to most attacks, has strength that equals and even surpasses that of Superman, and he has healing factor."
    • Julia BriansWritten on September 3, 2019
      "He was supposed to be the most dangerous living being, on eye level with Darkseid and could beat up Superman. We have the winner here!"
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    The Joker

    The Joker is a serial killer and a supervillain who dresses like a clown and commits violent crimes. He is a brilliant and ruthless criminal mastermind. His crimes are motivated by his sadistic desire to show people the meaninglessness of life through pain and death.

    • Christian AlvaradoWritten on September 3, 2019
      "When it comes to DC villains, no ones is as easily identifiable and as memorable as the Joker has in all of DC comics. Serving as the Dark Knight's ultimate nemesis, the Joker proves that there is a lot of destruction and chaos that just a mere mortal in a world of meta-humans is capable of."
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    Reverse-Flash is a name used by several speedsters who are enemies to the Flash. The first one was Edward Clariss (also known as The Rival) all the way to the most recent one to take up the mantle of Reverse-Flash, Daniel West, the biological father of Wallace West.

    • Wei ZhangWritten on September 3, 2019
      "Each speedster has his own special ability that others can't do. In the case of Reverse-Flash, it's the ability to negate another speedster's connection to the speed force. This, along with his other abilities like time travel and his tendency to alter realities and timelines make him a villain not to be reckoned with."
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    Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor is one of the most dangerously intelligent men on the planet - a super-villain. He is a brilliant scientist, a billionaire industrialist, and Superman's greatest enemy. He despises the Man of Steel from an ideological standpoint. 

    • Jim GaoWritten on September 3, 2019
      "Lex Luthor is on meta-human with superpowers nor is he particularly threatening combatant. What he does have in spades is his almost superhuman intelligence and pin-point focuses. He has unbelievable reach and influence throughout the DC universe and if it wasn't for his obsession with Superman, he could be a lot more menacing and dangerous if he wanted to be."
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    Ra’s al Ghul

    Ra's al Ghul (translated as Head of the Demon) is an immortal eco-terrorist that believes that humanity is a blight on the planet. This has led him to seek the destruction of modern society through the establishment of the League of Assassins.

    • Leo HuangWritten on September 3, 2019
      "Ra's is one of the greatest martial artists in the DC universe and is one villain that commands both respect and fear from his allies and enemies. The Lazarus Pit has basically gifted him with immortality having lived through and influenced 600 years of history. He legacy will live on through his loyal follower long after he's gone."
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    Black Adam

    Black Adam is a supervillain that is the ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain Marvel who was given powers by Shazam but survived into the modern era to challenge the hero and his family. He has the same powers as Captain Marvel along with his immortality.

    • Scott FernandezWritten on September 3, 2019
      "While not totally unstoppable, his powers enable him to cause a lot of chaos and destruction wherever he goes. He's just as powerful as the Man of Steel and then some. For starters, he is able to teleport and transdimensional travel. This along with his ability to manipulate lightning and his immortality will even give Superman a difficult time."
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    Deathstroke is a former soldier turned mercenary and assassin that took part in an experimental super-soldier project gaining enhanced strength, agility, and intelligence. He's the archenemy of the Teen Titans as well adversary to Batman and Green Arrow.

    • Hao FengWritten on September 3, 2019
      "Unlike other DC villains, Slade Wilson doesn't really have any grand goals or world-dominating endgame. He is, however, of the best soldier/mercenary that's driven by vengeance. His skills and abilities cannot be denied and pose as a threat to even the most seasoned of heroes."


Best Who are the top DC villains
1DarkseidCharacters 23 Paid
2DoomsdayCharacters 14 Paid
3The JokerCharacters 10 Paid
4Reverse-FlashCharacters 4 Paid
5Lex LuthorCharacters 3 Paid
6Ra’s al GhulCharacters 2 Paid
7Black AdamCharacters 2 Paid
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