Who are the top female DC Comics characters you want to see in Birds of Prey?

DCEU fans, rejoice! Brace yourselves, 'cause next summer something big is gonna hit the cinemas. A new female-fronted antihero movie, Birds of Prey. The Wonder Woman movie put DC on notice with how well they did a heroine movie. Now, they're gonna try to attempt the same success. Only this time, they're going to feature a couple of hot female villains. When we said, we weren't kidding. Margot Robbie is back with another feature film as the crazy yet quirky Harley Quinn. For Birds of Prey, she happens to be one of the producers who came up with the concept back in 2015. Her inspiration came about while she was shooting another anti-hero film, Suicide Squad. Mary Elizabeth Winstead also joins the cast of stars as the Huntress. Along with Jurnee Smollett-Bell as Black Canary. Warner Bros. has yet to release an official plot for the movie. Based on a few reports floating around, fans can expect that a wicked girl group will form the members. What's also confirmed is that the film's antagonist is the crime boss known as Black Mask. In the comics, the Birds of Prey lineup has seen some expansion over the years. But one thing remains constant and that's there ability to perform covert operations. Heroes perform actions of heroism through the public's eye, so you can bet that it's going to be different. We're sure that some fans are still curious about which characters will appear in the movie. So, here's a list of the top female DC characters you want to see in Birds of Prey!

  1. 1Batgirl


    Every DC Universe fan is excited about the highly anticipated appearance of Batgirl in a DCEU film. Just like how Wonder Woman was introduced in Batman V Superman, Barbara Gordon could make her debut in Birds of Prey. Hey, maybe she could even get her own solo movie. I mean, one can dream. Ideally, she could make her grand entrance during the final battle against Black Mask. Assuming that the movie has an epic scene such as that.

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  1. 2Talia al Ghul


    Now, who can't be excited to see Ra's al Ghul's daughter in the highly anticipated femme fatale movie? Fans may remember that Talia al Ghul was already depicted on-screen in The Dark Knight Rises. The only thing was that the movie took the angle of her being Batman's love interest and nothing more. In the comics, she's a proficient martial artist that can use swords and guns. Plus she has the ability of resurrection and reduced aging. She's even been affiliated with Deathstroke. Let's just hope that DC sticks to the original this time.

  2. 3Lois Lane


    There have been reports that Birds of Prey will have Harley Quinn, the Huntress, and Black Canary. That sounds cool, to be honest. Something that fans may be excited for. But, let's hope that DC doesn't forget about everyone's favorite newsgirl, Lois Lane. Amy Adams has done an exceptional job with the character and she deserves more screen time. Maybe they could include her in Birds of Prey with her primary assignment investigating Black Mask's criminal empire. Here's to hoping!

  1. 4Poison Ivy


    Poison Ivy hasn't been able to grace the big screen since the character was played by Uma Thurman in Batman & Robin. She did a pretty good job of bringing life to the character, it's just that the movie fell a little bit flat. With Birds of Prey, Warner Bros. has a chance at redemption. Poison Ivy was originally set to star in the female-focused team-up series, Gotham City Sirens. But since she's still in the Universe, she could also likely appear in Birds of Prey.

  2. 5Hawkgirl


    DC fans might remember Hawkgirl from DC's very own cartoon series "Justice League." But of course, she originally materialized in the comics. She's a pretty awesome character with the ability to fly. Her artificial wings are made of Nth metal, an indestructible type of metal. Given that the DCEU world is a gritty and grounded environment, somebody like Hawkgirl fits the bill fairly well. It's cool to see if Warner Bros. Studios tries their hand in bringing the character to life on the big screen.


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