Who are the top Marvel characters that Daniel Radcliffe could perfectly play?

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After the successful Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Studios started announcing their plans for Phase 4. Fans can already expect to see the fourth installment of the Thor series on the big screen for the next years. Aside from theatrical releases, Marvel Studios also announced that they will release TV shows featuring She-Hulk, Ms. Marvel, and Moon Knight as part of their slate. And just recently, the powerhouse reported that the production for Moon Knight will start in the fall of 2020. It will be one of the first waves of Disney+ Originals!

Moon Knight is a superhero who draws power from the moon. Aside from his superb combat skills and strength, he is also equipped with high-technology equipment to fight off the bad guys. Moon Knight's character is actually not part of the initial line-up of MCU's Phase 4. It was only late in 2019 when the company announced that they will release a solo series for the hero, too. And, rumor has it that Marvel Studios is eyeing Daniel Radcliffe to play the role and bring the character to life! It instantly sparked a buzz over the internet and an artist even made a fan-art of the British actor wearing the Moon Knight costume. It looked so realistic that it garnered lots of attention. Unfortunately, the Harry Potter star denied the news. In one of his interviews, Radcliffe said that he would only accept a franchise role if he liked the part. But, even if the actor debunked the rumor, it did not stop the fans from associating him with other Marvel characters. So, we curated this list of the top Marvel characters that Daniel Radcliffe could perfectly play. Tell us in the comments who you think is the best role for our guy!

  1. 1Moon Knight


    During the day, he is a mercenary called Marc Spector. At night, he is an unhinged street hero fighting off crimes and bad guys known as Moon Knight. Well, his dark and brooding aura makes him like a Marvel version of Batman. And with Daniel Radcliffe's gothic-themed appearances in The Woman in Black (2012) and Victor Frankenstein (2015), it is not hard to picture out the actor in such a lead role.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Wolverine


    Remember Daniel Radcliffe in Now You See Me 2? Remember his beard, specifically? Yeah, it only made us think that he could actually fill the shoes of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Aside from looking for the part, Radcliffe is undeniably talented. In fact, Radcliffe did not disagree when he was asked if he is up for the role. Maybe, in the future, we might see the British actor playing the clawed mutant.

  2. 3Hyperion


    If we have a Marvel version of Batman, we can say that Hyperion is the Superman of MCU. They have the same narrative - superhumans with their world destroyed so they retreated to earth to conquer our world. Yes, Hyperion is mainly a villain who later came to light to fight for peace and justice. With a twist of an anti-hero-turned-protagonist, we can say that Radcliffe's acting potential will be put to test on this one. The main challenge for Daniel is to make the character more human.

  1. 4Legion


    Being the son of the legendary Professor X, Legion wields a vast array of superpowers. From telepathy to warping realities, his abilities is widely acknowledged by the X-Men fandom. Legion's powers depend on his multiple identities. Having said this, Daniel Radcliffe can exhibit his superb acting skills. In which, many fans see as an opportunity for our former Harry Potter star to reclaim a spot in mainstream media.

  2. 5Quasar


    Picturing Daniel Racliffe as a superhero is not easy. After all, we grew up with him playing the role of a wizard - Harry Potter. But, if there is a character role that he will be up for, Radcliffe would actually be ideal to debut as Quasar. Quasar is like Captain Marvel who owns a powerful Quantum Bands that grants him the ability to emit force fields and heat made of quantum energy. Maybe, picturing Radcliffe wearing a caped costume instead of a robe is hard. But, the actor's talents is actually perfect for the role.


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