Who are the top Marvel characters that deserve their own series on Disney+?

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It's safe to say that the MCU has pretty much dominated the past decade or so of cinema. And of course, this is quite expected as Marvel movies have that ability to draw its multitude of fans to theaters once a new superhero film drops. And with the Disney-Marvel merger, fans are pumped up for more opportunities to witness their favorite MCU characters, and possibly, it would be on the small screen this time around. While Disney+ has its line-up of Marvel shows at hand, there are far more stories and characters to explore for its subscribers. Come and check out some of the top Marvel characters that deserve their own Disney+ series. 

  1. 1Wolverine


    Wolverine is an iconic character from the Marvel franchise who has time and again proven that he can dominate cinema. However, there are still too many angles in Logan's life which haven't been explored throughout his stint in The X-Men as well as in his solo films. This is why giving him a Disney+ series makes a whole lot of sense. Although we might not see the same old Wolverine who we used to love for so many years, we're pretty sure another actor can somehow fill in those mutant claws. And though Logan said “I’m the best there is at what he does. But what I do isn’t very nice", we'd still prefer him being ruthless than not being out there at all, agree? 

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  1. 2Sentry


    Imagine a TV series lead character from Marvel who has three different personalities. Well, who says no to that? Fans have probably long been wishing for a Sentry appearance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that still seems to be a reach as of now. But, just think of how a story involving Sentry's origins and multiple personalities can draw fans even closer to the character? This is why a series on Disney+ centered around this extraordinary superhero can make a whole lot of difference for the Marvel franchise. All that's missing though is a great actor who can be Robert Reynolds, The Void, and The Sentry, all at once.

  2. 3Shuri


    A lot of fans have been disappointed after not seeing Shuri on Infinity War or Endgame even just for a while. And we totally get that! Prince T'Challa's little sister has totally been a breakout character from the famed Black Panther movie and has been one of the top MCU characters in recent memory, to say the least. And one way or another, Disney+ should be able to see how a quick-witted and over-the-top tech-geek genius like her can become an iconic series lead. We're pretty sure Shuri leading the pack of new breed Marvel superhero shows wouldn't be a bad idea at all! 

  1. 4Doctor Doom


    Just by looking at his prowess as shown in the Marvel comic books, you'd surely agree that there is more to Doctor Doom than being just the Fantastic Four's villain. In fact, there's not a lot of villains which leads a whole country and has a huge disposal of robot armies on hand. And what better way there is to show Doom in a better light than have him star in his own Disney+ series? Whether it be one focusing on his battles with the Fantastic Four or even something that simply shows him leading Latveria, who wouldn't want one of the baddest Marvel characters to have a whole show where we can see his doom on full display?

  2. 5Storm


    For Marvel fans who still aren't aware of it, well, there's actually an arc that shows Storm marrying Black Panther! Well, even though that didn't work out in the end, a brief romantic take on Ororo and T'Challa's relationship might be worthy of some Disney+ screen time, don't you think? And if that still doesn't sound good enough, just try and remember what Storm actually did as the leader of the X-Men as the ultimate weather goddess. Also, Ororo Munroe's amazing backstory as an orphaned thief is something that a potential Disney+ series can ponder on.

  3. 6Mockingbird


    Well, Mockingbird's fans almost had their wishes fulfilled if not for a last-minute cancellation of an ABC Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin off series. However, with her highly intriguing character and reputation as both a hero and a spy, there's no reason why Disney+ won't attempt to give her the spotlight. Well, even though Adrianne Palicki wouldn't want to return as this bad-ass Marvel heroine, we're pretty sure Mockingbird's story line would be more than enough for fans to watch a potential Disney+ Marvel collaboration. If that doesn't pan out though, we at least need to see her in the upcoming Hawkeye series, shouldn't we?


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