Who are the top Marvel characters that used the Infinity Gauntlet?

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Ah yes, the Infinity Gauntlet! One of the most powerful objects in the universe. A magical vessel with which one would be able to harness the power of all six Infinity Gems. It's a powerful Dwarven-made Uru glove custom-made for the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. If you've only seen it in the MCU films, then, there's actually more to the story than what it seemed in the films. Thanos' quest to cut the population of the universe in half, twisted and maniacal as it is, wasn't as noble as you thought it was. If you've read The Infinity Gauntlet comic book saga, you'll understand what was truly motivating Thanos' actions, and it was love. The things that led him to do what he did was all so he could appease his love, the entity known as Death, the embodiment of decay and destruction. Good thing then that Thanos was not the only one who was able to wield the Infinity Gauntlet's awesome powers. There have been numerous occasions where it fell in the hands of various characters in the Marvel Universe. We've listed some of the top Marvel characters that used the Infinity Gauntlet below so check it out and share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

  1. 1Doctor Doom


    Doctor Doom and the Fantastic Four weren't always at odds with one another. In fact, they actually worked for the same side, together with the Future Foundation, for a brief time. When a celestial attack threatens the Earth, Doom puts his life on the line in order to hold off this invasion and give enough time for reinforcements to arrive. Earth was saved and Doom seemed to have sacrificed his life for the greater good. Or did he? Doom wakes up in an alternate reality and there he discovers two Infinity Gauntlets from alternate realities. He also discovers a collection of captured Doctor Dooms from multiple realities. With the help of the gauntlets and his fellow Dooms, he goes about building his Parliament of Doom.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Darkseid


    It's a debate that's as old as both of these characters have existed. Which one would win in a fight between Thanos and Darkseid? Marvel versus DC. The Mad Titan versus The Dark Lord. Many have argued that a gauntlet-totting Thanos would beat Darkseid hands down in a fight. What if the tables were turned and Darkseid ended up wielding the Infinity Gauntlet? Well, that is exactly what happened during an Avengers/Justice League of America crossover series by Marvel and DC. When the most powerful artifacts from both the Marvel and DC universe gets scattered in both worlds, Darkseid comes into contact with the Infinity Gauntlet. He even wore it and everything but sadly, it wouldn't work outside its parent universe. Imagine what could have happened if that was not the case.

  2. 3Captain America


    In the events before the Secret Wars comic book story, the Illuminati was faced with a threat. Earth 616 and another Earth from an alternate reality, was in a collision course for one another. The members of the group decided to assemble and use the Infinity Gauntlet to solve this crisis. The one that the group chose to wield this immense power was Captain America, who was already a member of the Illuminati by then. In the process of stopping the impending doom, the Infinity Gauntlet exploded from its own vast powers. As a result, the Illuminati was left with no choice but to destroy the alternate Earth and everyone in it. Of course, Captain America was greatly opposed to this so his mind was wiped of any knowledge of the Illuminati and its actions.

  1. 4T’Challa (Black Panther)


    The Illuminati was not able to prevent the collision of Earth 616 and an alternate Earth, causing the collapse of the multiverse. Doctor Doom and Doctor Strange discovered that the Beyonders were responsible for everything and went to confront them. Doom was able to steal their powers and created a new world called Battleworld that he ruled over as a god. Strange did not trust Doom so he secretly hid an Infinity Gauntlet in Battleworld. Black Panther and Namor, surviving members of the Illuminati, arrived on Batteworld and finds the Infinity Gauntlet. After defeating Doom with it, Black Panther sends himself back in time to when the incursion was first discovered. Reed Richards beat Doom and reconstructed reality this time so the incursion never occurred.

  2. 5Silver Surfer


    Norrin Radd aka Silver Surfer came into possession of the Infinity Gauntlet in the comic books too. He used the gauntlet to turn the world into paradise and bring his beloved Shalla Bal back to like. Shalla convinced Silver Surfer to give up his divine powers though before he is corrupted by the gauntlet. There is another alternate story where Silver Surfer was given the Infinity Sword by the Avengers and Iron Man. He later becomes corrupted by it and when Thanos attacks, he goes and steals the gauntlet from him. Now, with both the Infinity Gauntlet and Sword in his possession, the Silver Surfer becomes even more corrupted in the process. He adopts a new persona and from then on refers to himself as the Dark Surfer.

  3. 6Mister Fantastic


    After the events of The Kree Skrull War comic book story, Iron Man formed the Illuminati. The secret group initially consisted of himself, Reed Richards, Namor, Professor X, and Black Bolt. Their main goal, attempt to prevent major catastrophes before they could ever occur. The group decided that the Infinity Gauntlet was too powerful and dangerous that it should be taken care of before it's used to destroy Earth. Richards dons the Infinity Gauntlet and tries to will the gems out of existence but fails at the attempt and almost lost his life in the process. The Illuminati decides that it would be best to keep the gems separated so each member took a gem for safekeeping.


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