Who are the top MCU characters that are missing from Phase 4?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe (also referred to as MCU) is a media franchise and shared universe produced by Marvel Studios. It's centered around a series of superhero films based on the characters appearing in the comic books published by Marvel Comics. Apart from the films, the franchise also includes comic books, short films, TV series, and digital series. The main purpose of this was to establish a crossover point where plot, setting, and various characters could come together. The man responsible for making all of this happen was none other than Kevin Feige, a film producer who pushed the idea of the MCU in the first place. He became president of Marvel Studios since 2007.

The structure of this shared universe comes in waves or what is referred to as a "Phases". We can't talk about the MCU without mentioning the film that started it all. That film was 2008's Iron Man and it marked the beginning of the MCU and of Phase 1. The phase culminated in a crossover film called The Avengers, featuring some of the founding members of the superhero team. By 2019, the MCU was at Phase 3 and it was collectively known as the Infinity Saga. The MCU will begin Phase 4 in 2020 and as fans, we've noticed that some characters seem to be missing from its line-up. We dug deeper and even made a little list of some of the top MCU characters that are missing from Phase 4. Check it down below and feel free to share your sentiments about this in the comments section.

  1. 1Eric Brooks (Blade)


    The announcement that a new Blade movie was in the works came as a delightful suprise to fans who have long been asking for a new movie for the iconic Marvel anti-hero. Fans couldn't help but expect that he would debut in Phase 4 but sadly, that was not the case. This could be due to a lot of reasons, chief among them being scheduling conflicts with actor Mahershala Ali, which by the way, we think was cast perfectly for this role. We are hoping that he would at least make some kind of cameo in Phase 4 at one point though.

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  1. 2Matt Murdock (Daredevil)


    Fans were dismayed to know that the series of Marvel shows on Netflix has been canceled. This makes more sense now that Marvel Television is part of Marvel Studios and under the guidance and direction of Kevin Feige. Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage all made compelling cases for their respective standalone shows. If there's one superhero that fans were hoping would appear in Phase 4 of the MCU, it was Matt Murdock aka Daredevil. It was reported that Marvel Studios will be "starting over from scratch creatively" so while we will see him appear in the future, Charlie Cox mostly likely won't be the one donning the mask.

  2. 3X-Men


    As the acquisition of Fox by Disney neared it final touches so did the hope that we would see the appearance of the X-Men in the MCU soon. While that will definitely happen. it won't be with Phase 4. While it was great to see the X-Men on the big screen at all, it was no secret that the series of films made by Fox wasn't all well-received and Disney is looking to create as much space before reinventing and reintroducing the X-Men again in the MCU. Here's to hoping that they do it justice this time around.

  1. 4The Guardians of the Galaxy


    While this is not a surprise anymore, it's still too bad that we won't be seeing Guardians of the Galaxy make it return in Phase 4. Setting aside the controversy surrounding James Gunn's short dismissal from the franchise, there is still the issue of time and scheduling. Gunn is currently busy working on the DCEU's The Suicide Squad and this has pushed back the film's timeline quite a bit. It is also unlikely that we will see the guardians appear in Thor: Love and Thunder and vice verse. There's always the next Phase though so we just have to wait for a little bit longer.

  2. 5T’Challa (Black Panther)


    It's no secret that Black Panther was a critical and commercial success for Marvel when it debuted back in 2018. You would think that Marvel would ride the films wave of success and make it one of the new faces of Phase 4 but it did not go that way. Black Panther II is taking its time to flesh everyhing out. It is more or less set to premiere in 2022 so there's a possibility that it would arrive at the end of Phase 4 but it's more like that it will be included in Phase 5, much like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.


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