Who are the top My Hero Academia villains?

The never-ending fight between good and evil has always been our fascination. Not just simple fights, we’re obsessed with those that cross the limits of being humans. I mean just look at all the superhero stories we have. I’m pretty sure if we round them all up, they’d be able to fill a city’s population! But among the sea of these superhuman stories, My Hero Academia easily made its way to the top. Why? It’s simple! The story is fun and is filled with interesting characters with equally interesting superpowers or in this case, quirks. There are quirks such as brainwashing, copy, permeation, half-cold half-hot, and a quirk that can be passed from one person to another. But what good is a superhero without a villain that stirs trouble? Luckily, My Hero Academia is also loaded with evil-doers that constantly challenge the heroes we love.

In a world where many people were blessed with quirks, it could be expected that many would not walk the righteous path. If everyone was good then what’s the point of having a hero academy, right? There’s just so many villains in this series that they needed to have a hero academy to keep the bad guys at bay! Just imagine how chaotic that is. With that said, we can’t help but wonder who are the strongest villains in My Hero Academia? Is it All For One? Stain? The Nomus? Obviously, with different quirks comes different capabilities or something like that. Anyway, have you been wondering about the same question? Are you also curious who’s the most powerful of them all? Well, to quench your curious mind, here are the top villains in My Hero Academia!

  1. 1All For One


    To no one’s surprise, All For One is the strongest villain in My Hero Academia. His ability to steal and redistribute quirks makes him the most powerful villain.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Overhaul


    Overhaul’s overhaul quirk comes in pretty handy making him the second-most strongest villain in My Hero Academia. His quirk allows him to disassemble and reassemble anything and anyone he touches.

  2. 3Stain


    Stain, the Hero Killer may not be the strongest villain in My Hero Academy. However, his Bloodcurdle quirk makes him a difficult opponent.

  1. 4Tomura Shigaraki


    Tomura Shigaraki has one of the strongest quirks making him one of the top villains in My Hero Academia. His Decay quirk makes anything he touches turn to dust.

  2. 5Dabi


    This blue fire-wielding bad guy makes it to the list of the strongest villains in My Hero Academia. His cremation quirk allows him to manipulate the destructive flames of blue.


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2OverhaulCharacters 10 Paid
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4Tomura ShigarakiCharacters 2 Paid
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