Who are the top Queen's Blade characters?

We know you love Queen's Blade, and we love it too! With all the amazing characters that the anime series has, it's kind of hard to make a Queen's Blade character list featuring the best ones. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, The Queen's Blade is a battle royale held every four years. Whoever wins the tournament becomes the next Queen of the continent so it's a huge deal. The anime has a ton of powerful female warriors which makes it even harder. Not to mention, it's filled with beautiful girls, fantastic combat, and a lot of fanservice. That's why we love it! Queen's Blade characters are equally great but if we had to pick who is the best among them then this has got to be it. If you haven't watched Queen's Blade yet, we highly recommend that you do. We promise you won't regret it and these characters are proof of that!

  1. 1Leina Vance


    Is it just me or does Leina absolutely look drop-dead gorgeous?! As the middle daughter of the noble Vance family, she left her life as a noble and decided to become an adventurer. Before, she was this helpless little girl who had no idea how the world worked. Not long after, she met Risty and set out on a quest to join the Queen's Blade tournament. She wears her mother's armor with a sword in hand. During the rebellion, Leina actually changed her name to Maria to honor her mother. With her headstrong will and desire to become stronger, she's easily one of our favorite characters! 

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  1. 2Shizuka


    Shizuka is everyone's favorite Kouma ninja that's just oozing with sex appeal. But it's not just her body that she has going for her, she's got a great personality too. Shizuka is a loyal friend to Tomoe, a girl who left her homeland to enter the Queen's Blade Tournament. As such, she too joined the tournament to protect her friend. Isn't she just the sweetest? She carries around a bunch of ninja tools along with the most iconic part of her armor, a headband with horns on it. Although she was raised to be a ruthless assassin, she's shown compassion by abandoning her own clan just to save Tomoe. Aside from being a hot and sexy ninja, she's also a true friend and that's what makes her one of the best characters. 

  2. 3Echidna


    Not only is she beautiful, but she's also dangerous, plus she prefers her pet snake over panties. Echidna is an Elven mercenary that's favored to win the Queen's Blade. What's interesting about her personality is she seems to lean towards women. Judging by her sadistic and perverted attitude whenever she fights, it almost feels like a guarantee. Aside from being fascinated with Leina, it looks like she hates being told what to do and that goes for getting lectured too. She also has a tendency to be a little more lenient with instructions. You could tell by her get-up that she loves snakes. She's got signature snake panties, a snake-themed weapon, and a shield that looks like Medusa. But apart from all that, she's easily one of the best characters thanks to her personality and awesome fan service! 

  1. 4Tomoe


    She may look like your stereotypical anime shrine maiden but make no mistake about it, she's much more than that. Tomoe happens to be the only hope that her country has left. After a clan of Kouma ninjas destroyed the shrine that she lived at in Hinomoto, she decided to join the Queen's Blade tournament. She's good friends with Shizuka, an ex-Kouma ninja who became her friend after abandoning her clan. Tomoe is the most modest girl out of all the characters in the anime. With her sacred katana, Kushinawa, she amazes us with her grace and swordsmanship. Thanks to her charming personality, she doesn't just make it onto this list but into our hearts, too.

  2. 5Airi


    If you thought this young lass with a maid outfit was your typical sweet and loving anime stereotype, think again. Airi happens to be a female wraith that does whatever the Swamp Witch tells her and that includes murdering some of the participants in the tournament. Yikes! This twin-tailed beauty brandishes a scythe as her weapon of choice and she looks totally 'kawaii' in her little outfit. When it comes to her personality, she's a calm and kind person. Still, it's kind of ironic 'cause she needs to steal souls from people in order to survive. She can summon ghosts to help her subdue her enemies and it's probably her greatest asset. Her beautiful maid charm makes her an instant fan-favorite! 

  3. 6Nanael


    Nanael is just the perfect little angel and we mean that literally. She's a happy-go-lucky angel that loves to help other people in need. She's an observer in the tournament and she has this tendency to trick people into fighting. Because of this, she was forced to depart from heaven to join the tournament under the Archangel's orders. She may not look it, but she's always wearing polka-dot panties which the audience has the luxury of seeing numerous times. She's a little insecure about her asymmetrical wings. Plus she's got this holy milk that she has to keep from spilling or else she'll be banished to Hades. Talk about tough luck. Still, her carefree nature and goofy personality are exactly why we love her! 

  4. 7Alleyne


    We don't care how old she is, the fact is she's still super hot! Even if she's lived over a thousand years, Alleyne can live another thousand more and she'd still look this gorgeous. Aside from being a total hottie, she also happens to be the chief of the forest elf warriors and has earned the title of 'Fighting Master.' With her superior staff skills, she's a fierce contender in the tournament. As scary as she sounds, she's actually a pretty kind teacher with a firm resolve towards her students. Alleyne shares a pretty unique relationship with Echidna. Both of them combined are like oil and water mixed together which shows whenever she lectures Echidna. Her teacher-like attitude along with her awesome body is enough to make us want her ten times over!

  5. 8Aldra


    Looks can be quite deceiving and the same could be said about our favorite half-demon, Aldra. She may not look that strong but she's a powerful warrior and has won the Queen's Blade tournament before. A lot of us probably didn't like Aldra in the beginning. She was heartless and only seemed to care about herself. But, as the story progressed, she became this sweet and kind-hearted girl that we've come to know and love. Besides being a master of combat, she has the ability to turn people to stone and summon creatures that were bestowed upon her by a devil named Delmore. With her stern personality and her sweet, cheery attitude, she's the best of both worlds! 

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Fan service scenes in anime have become so common that they have turned into tropes and stereotypes. The most common types of fan service follow a male-dominant view. Female characters can either be any of the two stereotypes. They could be victims of a male's pursuit or they're sexually dominant towards the male protagonist. But fanservice isn't always aimed at males. There are plenty of shows that sexualize their male characters to titillate female viewers like reverse harem anime.

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