Who are your favorite KIll la Kill characters ?

From the depths of the action-comedy genre, Japan has been at the forefront of anime fans' senses. And if you're one of those loyal anime fans who crave for this kind of series, then you must have watched Kill la Kill already. As such show has graced every otaku's mind with its own brand of addictive story, Kill la Kill has spun off as well into other types of media such as manga and more recently, video games. Who would not want to see the franchise go this far when you are able to see high-schoolers go at it with specialized school uniforms? You can mistake the series for a Powerpuff Girls meets Sailor Moon type of flick but there's no denying that Kill la KIll brings something else to the table.

If you would go on and look at various Kill la Kill character lists, you will see that each one of them has their own distinct ability that will help you decide on your favorite character. And though the show is headlined dominated by girls, there is nothing wrong in picking outside of the Kill la Kill female characters list as those guys give some balance to the show. If you haven't dug deep on the show yet but are planning to purchase the new Kill la Kill game, you might want to dive into this list of the best Kill la Kill characters. Choose your favorite if the list helps you or add to it if your bet doesn't make the cut.

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    Nonon Jakuzure

    She doesn't have the best ability out of all characters in the anime aside from her Sound Negation but Nonon Jakuzure is charming in her own way. With her pink long hair and unassumingly sassy personality partnered with her not-so-useful baton, it is not hard to see her as one of the most loved Kill la Kill characters. Just the way she teases her fellow Elite four members with crazy names makes her adorable and likable.

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    Ryuko Matoi

    Being Kill la Kill's main protagonist isn't the only reason why 17-year olf Ryuko Matoi deserves a spot on this list. Aside from being the show's poster girl, her interesting search for her father's killer and her Life Fiber-stuffed body just looks so fit to be the perfect anime girl. With her badass attitude and fierce personality, not to mention her amazing Scissor Blade, there are a few reasons left for anime fans not to love this girl. 

    • Magdalena GarduñoWritten on December 10, 2019
      "Out of all Kill la KIll main characters, Ryuko is just the perfect blend for me. Aside from being KIll la KIll's protagonist, her Scissors are too amazing!"
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    Mako Mankanshoku

    Mako Mankanshoku is one of the more intriguing KIll la Kill characters out there so it is not hard to believe that that a lot of fans will take her as their favorite. Mako simply is an air-head with quirky antics who believe in a pseudo-best friend relationship with Ryuko but it is really hard to ignore her cuteness and bowl cut. She may seem like an ordinary girl but who would even think though that she has her Geta shoes partnered with her powerful kicks to rely on during battle?

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    Ira Gamagori

    This hilarious character has contributed a lot of bloopers to Kill ka Kill, and for that, he deserves a mention in any ranking list. This muscular disciplinarian appears to be sort of a masochist but there's more to that and his Three-Star Goku uniform as his natural superhuman strength makes him a distinct and likable character. With his plethora of skills and loyalty to Satsuki, there's a lot of interest looming with this blonde guy with dar skin tone.

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    Satsuki Kiryuin

    Kill la Kill fans may recognize her as the anime's main antagonist but there is more to Satsuki Kiryuin than meets the eye. This character with a seemingly indestructible power via her Bakuzan has indeed an interesting backstory behind her antics. When you're recognized as one of the most powerful fighters in your school just like her, things can go a bit unhandy. She is also a highly intelligent and manipulative character but this didn't limit her from being seen in a different light by fans as the anime progresses.

    • Bella ZengWritten on December 10, 2019
      "I hated her at first but she turned out to be a very cool Kill la Kill character. Actually she's one of the coolest"


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