Who's your favorite character from the Money Heist cast?

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As they say, 'there's no perfect crime'! But when you're bound to pull off the biggest heist in history, you definitely need the right crew for the job. And could there even be a better group for that other than the one which 'The Professor' has created? This is probably why everyone's favorite heist series 'La Casa de Papel' or 'Money Heist' has got thrill-seeking fans flocking over Netflix. After 31 binge-watchable episodes and tons of plot twists, you surely have your favorites by now. Yes, the perfect crime might not exist, but the perfect cast might! Why not scroll down as we look at some of the best characters that the top-rated Spanish series has created? We bet some of your favorites are here as well.

  1. 1Berlin


    If only he wasn't caught in that police ambush, Berlin might still be the team captain for the Central Bank heist. The Professor's brother might be arrogant and unruly but you can't deny that he has leadership and passion for crime! Well, it's hard to love criminals on television but this guy just does his job well despite having a degenerative disease. Too bad he left the show too soon!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2The Professor


    This guy, Sergio Marquina, has got to be one of the smartest criminals in all of television. Taking time to assemble a capable heist team surely takes a lot of work but The Professor has been able to do that. Honestly, if you could only go take a look at how this man's brain works, we're pretty sure you'll have a hard time figuring it out too! Aside from that small emotional slip-up when he thought that Lisbon was dead, has he ever done anything wrong? This is what makes The Professor a sure Money Heist fan favorite.

  2. 3Nairobi


    The latest Money Heist season must have felt like a whirlwind for Nairobi's fans! You probably had a sigh of relief after she had successful surgery, only to be dumbfounded seeing her die a few episodes later. You've got to love Nairobi's honest-to-goodness character paired with her sad backstory. For now, you can only shout "For Nairobi!" as you await for the brand new season. 

  1. 4Denver


    With that distinct laugh and boss-like attitude, it's hard for Money Heist fans to not love Denver. Despite losing his dad way back the first season, he was able to go on with his life and was even able to convert an innocent hostage to become his wife. Denver has been a very important member of The Professor's crew because of his bad-ass but sensitive personality. 

  2. 5Lisbon


    Honestly, did you ever picture Inspector Raquel Murillo as part of the heist crew? Probably not, right? However, thanks to plot twists and love, she is now known as Lisbon, riding with The Professor inside that shady techie van. As a fan, you'd surely appreciate her character's transformation as she sides with the guys in red. We only need to look forward and see what other surprises she has in store for the next seasons.

  3. 6Tokyo


    You can argue all you want about her overall recklessness and stubborn demeanor. However, Tokyo will always be the face and the voice of La Casa de Papel, literally. Aside from being the series' narrator, it's interesting to see how Tokyo's character seem to dictate the success or downfall of the group. Either way, The Professor sees potential in her and the fans will always want to have a little bit of that swag and attitude.

  4. 7Inspector Alicia Sierra


    Well, fans have started to see what this pregnant lady can do towards the latest season's end. Love her or hate her, Alicia Sierra should always be credited for being the lone person to outsmart The Professor in more ways than one. She may have done evil things that doesn't suit a police officer but you've got to love what this lady brings to the series.

  5. 8Rio


    Rio is one of the most interesting characters from the series. Well, he's not simply Tokyo's love interest. In fact, he has endured lots of trouble since the first season, making Money Heist fans love him. Imagine if Rio wasn't captured on that lonely island, would we even get that Central Bank heist we've wished for?

  6. 9Arturo Roman


    It seems like Arturito was simply meant to cause trouble throughout the duration of the series. From the first episode down to the last one, Mr. Roman has been trying to outsmart The Professor's crew, only to end up being shot or being beat up. But, he still adds unexpected humor which is somewhat needed in a heist series, don't we all agree?


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